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Spider-Man 2: the easiest and hardest PS5 trophies to unlock

Spider-Man 2: the easiest and hardest PS5 trophies to unlock
A lot of Spider-Man 2’s trophies can be earned as either Peter or Miles (Picture: Sony)

Obtaining the platinum trophy for Spider-Man 2 shouldn’t be too taxing, but there are a handful of tricky challenges you may need help with.

While not everyone is thrilled with Spider-Man 2 ’s 15 hour run time , the game certainly offers plenty to do even after clearing the main story… especially if you’re a trophy fiend.

There are 42 trophies to earn, including the platinum trophy, and while the challenges on offer are simple enough, some are certainly easier to obtain than others.

If you need a bit of guidance for trophy hunting, we’ve put together a shortlist of the easiest ones you can earn in Spider-Man 2 and tips for completing the game’s trickier challenges.

Be advised though, there are some story spoilers …

Spider-Man 2 ‘s easiest trophies to get and how to unlock them

It goes without saying, but the easiest trophies are those tied to story progression since you’ll unlock them just by playing the game.

If you ever find yourself struggling at any point, you can simply knock the difficulty down to one of the easier settings (the Friendly Neighbourhood setting outright makes you unkillable) and there are no trophies which require you to play on a higher difficulty.

You can also get a trophy just for equipping Peter or Miles with a suit style, one of the alternate colour variants you can unlock. Each suits’ variants require different resources to unlock, but you can easily obtain the styles for Peter’s first suit shortly after starting the game – where equipping one earns you a trophy.

With Spider-Man 2, you don’t need to craft each suit style individually; you’ll get all three at once (Picture: Sony)

Another extremely simple trophy to get is the Splat one, with the only issue being that you need to make a fool of yourself. Normally, you take no fall damage in Spider-Man 2 but if you’re doing a mid-air trick and don’t finish before you hit the ground, Spider-Man will eat pavement. Just hold down the square button while high in the air and keep holding the left control stick in any direction and that should get the job done.

Other easy to acquire trophies include ones from specific side quests, since you can locate these via the FNSM phone app (which you open by swiping left on the touchpad) as well as any trophy that requires you to perform an action a certain number of times, like defeating 100 enemies with Spider-Arm abilities or collecting 10,000 tech parts.

That second one may sound daunting, but you can grind those by preventing the random crimes that pop up across the city, completing other side activities and opening any blue crates you can find. Plus, you’re not earning them one at a time; they come in bulk so reaching 10,000 isn’t so difficult.

One easy trophy you won’t be able to get until the story’s final act, after you’ve unlocked the Anti-Venom suit, which allows Peter’s attacks to infect symbiote enemies with the Anti-Venom status effect. The trophy demands you defeat a single symbiote with this way, which you’ll effortlessly pull off in the ensuing fight after getting the suit.

Peter’s second symbiote suit comes with all the benefits and none of the anger issues (Picture: Sony)

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Spider-Man 2 ‘s hardest trophies to get trophies and how to unlock them

Unless you know the map of New York City like the back of your hand, trophies that require you to visit specific locations may be a struggle. There are three such trophies in Spider-Man 2: Home Run!, Just Let It Go, and You Know What To Do.

For Home Run!, you need to ‘Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium.’ If you have no idea where that is, it’s right next to the Coney Island amusement park in the south part of Downtown Brooklyn. All you need to do then is run around all four bases on the field.

Just Let It Go is exclusive to Miles and is a callback to his own game and his friendship with Phin. Avid fans will remember a scene where Miles places a science trophy he and Phin won together in a spot on Trinity Church.

The church is located in the southern part of the Financial District and is large enough to be noticed if you swing past it. The science trophy can be hard to spot since it’s small, but it’s placed on a ledge surrounding the tallest steeple, which you can web zip to. Interact with the trophy to get… the trophy.

Diehard fans of Miles Morales likely made checking the church their first priority (Picture: Sony)

You Know What To Do is exclusive to Peter and has you visit Aunt May’s grave. The cemetery is in the northmost part of Harlem and if you don’t want to scour the area for it, click L3 to bring up any yellow dots that highlight interactable items. One of those will be May’s grave, while the other belongs to Miles’ dad, but interacting with that one doesn’t come with a trophy.

Locating the Spider-Bot collectibles for the Funky Wireless Protocols can also be a challenge since, unlike other side activities like Sandman’s memory shards, these won’t mark themselves on your map if you swing near them.

While exploring the city, keep an eye out for a purple pulse of energy; there’ll always be a Spider-Bot in the centre of it which you can grab even from a distance using the triangle button. Some will simply be attached to the walls but a few float in the air and require you to swing or glide to them.

The only other challenging trophy is the Hang Ten trophy, which demands you perform 30 consecutive air tricks without touching the ground. However, you are allowed to swing or glide in between tricks to keep yourself in the air, which makes it a bit easier.

Our best advice is to find a long stretch of buildings for Spider-Man to swing from, and make sure you don’t come into contact with any surfaces like the side of a skyscraper. You can also make things easier by going into the options menu and swapping the air tricks setting to toggle-maintain, which means you only need to press the square button once to start doing tricks rather than hold it down.

Spider-Man 2 is available for PlayStation 5.

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