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Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile already has 45 million fans registered to play it

Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile already has 45 million fans registered to play it
Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile – how many of you are playing this just for Verdansk? (Picture: Activision)

A recap of Call Of Duty ’s 20 year history reveals how many people are already signed up for Warzone Mobile, which launches this spring.

In just a couple of days on Sunday, October 29, the Call Of Duty franchise will turn 20 years old. Whether or not Activision has anything special planned for that day is unclear, but it has put together a recap of the entire series on its website.

It chronicles Call Of Duty’s history and accolades before ending with a reminder of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Mobile.

In addition, Activision casually dropped a new player statistic for Warzone Mobile, claiming that over 45 million people have already pre-registered it ahead of its spring 2024 launch.

That seems a staggering number but some fans may be extra keen to play Warzone Mobile thanks to the inclusion of the Verdansk battle royale map.

Verdansk was the original map for the first Warzone in 2020, but it was eventually replaced in 2021, much to some fans’ ire. There has been demand for it to come back ever since, but it never has.

Activision is also promising shared progression and battle pass integration with the console and PC versions of Warzone, as well as Modern Warfare 3, meaning players can hop between games without fear of falling behind on any of them.

‘Thank you for being a major player in the 20 years of Call of Duty history,’ concludes the blog post . ‘Here’s to 20 more and beyond.’

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Warzone Mobile’s apparent popularity is bound to make Microsoft very happy, now that it owns Activision Blizzard and thus the Call Of Duty franchise.

Microsoft claims that the main reason it bought the company was to make a bigger splash in the mobile games industry, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently saying that they’re currently ‘irrelevant’ in that area.

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