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GTA 6 has a 60 page fan document detailing every leak and piece of information

GTA 6 has a 60 page fan document detailing every leak and piece of information
A fan render of what the main characters are thought to look like (Picture: Hossein Diba)

Officially we know absolutely nothing about GTA 6 but fans have collated every rumour and leak into one place – and there’s a lot more than you’d think.

There’s currently five days left in October and fan hopes that Rockstar Games will finally unveil GTA 6 this month are fast slipping away . Fans have tried to get themselves excited today with the fact that Metacritic now has a listing for the game, but as ever it’s all just grasping at straws.

It’s not impossible their dreams may come true but while the official unveiling could be tomorrow it could also just as easily be sometime in 2025. And yet, despite the news blackout, there is far more information out there than you might imagine.

On the face of it, the great GTA 6 hack of 2022 didn’t seem to reveal much of interest, despite getting away with almost an hour of early footage, but fans have been going over it in forensic detail ever since and have managed to uncover 60 pages worth of secrets.

Sensibly, the fan document doesn’t include any screenshots or imagery from the hack, or Rockstar would sue them into oblivion, but instead recreates key elements with artwork and fan renders – the same sort of approach as the recent GTA 6 cosplayers .

The footage that was stolen was so early that there’s no guarantee that anything from it will make it into the final game, but if it does it will have been well documented long before the official reveal.

You can read the document here (warning, it’s a large PDF), where it breaks everything down by category, starting by explaining what exactly was leaked and then going into detail about characters, items, weapons, and buildings.

There’s also everything that’s known so far about the game’s multiplayer; as well as vehicles, animals, locations, and in-game events.

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The document speculates that the game is currently in the ‘polishing and debugging phase’, not just as a guess but by referring to specific lines of code in the leak, that seem to indicate this.

It’s that level of careful detail that marks this out from the usual vague rumours and unlikely theories, even if some information – such as the colour scheme of the main menu being purple and white – seem less than important.

Curiously, there’s no indication of who exactly wrote the document but maybe they just want to be extra careful about not getting sued. Instead, it’s attributed to various fan communities on r/GTA6, GTAForums, and Discord.

GTA has some very committed fans (Picture: Google)

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