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Alan Wake 2 New Game+ is post-launch DLC with new story elements

Alan Wake 2 New Game+ is post-launch DLC with new story elements
Better late than never for New Game+ (Picture: Remedy)

After Spider-Man 2 relegated its New Game+ mode to post launch DLC, Alan Wake 2 is doing the same.

Remedy has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 , which comes out on Friday, October 27, will received a New Game+ mode after launch. This will allow you to start over again with all the accumulated weapons and abilities from your first playthrough.

However, the developer hasn’t said when the new mode will be available, so it doesn’t sound like it’s necessarily going to be this year.

Alan Wake 2’s New Game+ will also include a new alternative narrative and difficulty setting, so it sounds like it will make quite a big difference to how you experience the game.

According to Remedy there’ll be three main additions to the gameplay with New Game+, which are:

A new Nightmare difficulty

The ability to retain all unlocked weapons and upgrades when starting your next run

A new narrative, including new Manuscript pages and video content.

Alan Wake 2 contains quite a bit of live action footage, including full cut scenes, which is something Remedy has often experimented with. So it sounds like they purposefully kept some back for New Game+, perhaps to expand on some of the more mysterious plot points.

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Although the concept of New Game+ has been popular for years it’s only recently that developers have started to leave it out until post-launch DLC, most obviously with the recent release of Spider-Man 2 .

Despite what you might imagine a New Game+ mode can take quite a while to develop and it seems studios are leaving it until after launch in order to concentrate on getting the main game out on time.

New Game+ coming after launch. 🕹️ Retain all unlocked weapons and upgrades. 🕹️ New Nightmare difficulty level. 🕹️ New alternative narrative, including new Manuscript pages and new video content. Exact release timing still TBD. #alanwake — Alan Wake 2 (@alanwake) October 25, 2023

Alan Wake 2 will launch on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC, and our review of the survival horror game will be published at 2pm on Thursday.

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