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Spider-Man 2 reveals Peter Parker’s £1 million mortgage – real life estate agent says he should sell

Spider-Man 2 reveals Peter Parker’s £1 million mortgage – real life estate agent says he should sell
Peter Parker has to cough up £1 million to pay off his house. (Picture: Reddit)

It’s not cheap living in New York City, but surely Spider-Man won’t sell his family home?

A screenshot of Peter Parker’s mortgage bill has been passed around social media , which shows the superhero’s monthly pay, interest rate, and how long he has left on the deal.

It’s not happy reading, as Parker has received a past due notification which reveals he has to pay $4,419.24 (£3,650) a month for 277 months (23 years) before the mortgage is fully paid.

Fans are concerned that Parker will have to sell the house he grew up in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. A real life estate agent was asked what to do and it doesn’t sound good for the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Estate agent and TikTok influencer Richard Carey explained to VICE, why the smart move is to sell:

‘Without a steady income, you shouldn’t even try to own a property like this. A widely accepted rule is that your housing should be 28% or less than your total income. Another simple rule is your income needs to be at least 3 times your housing payment.’

How do I know I’m old? The most interesting thing to me in my ~3 hour play through of Spider-Man 2 so far was seeing the mortgage statement for Aunt May’s house. That interest rate. Ouch. — Will Wulff, Damn It! (@WillWulffDamnIt) October 21, 2023

If Parker decides to stay in the house, he’ll have to cough up a total of $1,224,129 (£1,012,000) to pay the house off, if there are no changes to the payments.

Carey noted that interest rates, taxes, and other payments can change, but the relatively high interest rate of 6.89% is an issue for future Parker, and that he’ll have trouble making payments in the future.

This all seems like a step too far for Parker, who inherited the family house in Queens and starts working as a science teacher in Spider-Man 2.

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Money troubles are always a consistent part of Parker’s life, although in the fiction of the game’s story the now deceased Aunt May did own the house at one point, but remortgaged it to fund her charity work.

Even if MJ does help out it seems impossible that the pair could ever continue to afford the mortgage.

It’s a lot to take on his shoulders on top of daily crime fighting. Maybe Super-Man can ask his colleagues in the Avengers for some financial support?

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