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GTA 6 fans are cosplaying the main characters before they’re even revealed

GTA 6 fans are cosplaying the main characters before they’re even revealed
The first ever GTA 6 cosplayers (Picture: Twitter)

Rockstar Games might not have said anything about GTA 6 yet but that hasn’t stopped two fans from dressing up as the protagonists anyway.

Although it did seem possible at the start of the month , hopes are fading fast that the first reveal of GTA 6 will take place this October. That means Rockstar Games still hasn’t said or shown anything about the game… but that hasn’t stopped fans from cosplaying it anyway.

Although it’s not been officially confirmed, it’s widely believed that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City , during the present day, and will feature a Bonnie and Clyde style pair of protagonists, believed to be called Lucia and Jason.

That’s all via a mix of rumours and leaks, from the infamous GTA 6 hack , but even though it’s not confirmed it hasn’t stopped a couple of fans from cosplaying as them at a Brazilian game convention.

Thanks to the hacks, these are believed to be what the characters look like, although obviously that’s one thing that’s very likely to change before an official reveal.

We can’t show you the actual leaked images of the characters, because we don’t want to get sued by Rockstar, but the renders below were created by CG artist Hossein Diba, based on the descriptions – so you can see what the cosplayers were aiming for.

If the Lucia and Jason really are the protagonists, then this will be the first time a woman has been a main playable character in one of the modern GTA games, which seems long overdue.

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Supposedly, the pair are part of a larger gang, which Lucia is not keen about being involved with. Although that and the Bonnie and Clyde connotations are the only hints of what the story might be about.

Although there is a certain amount of evidence, from the way Rockstar owner Take-Two has been talking, to suggest the game is aiming for a 2024 launch , that’s very far from a certainty and until there’s an official announcement everything remains just a rumour.

My take on potential protagonists of #GTAVI , #Jason and #Lucia . — Hossein Diba (@HosseinDibaArt) May 31, 2023

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