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The Elder Scrolls 6 will have same levelling system and progression as Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls 6 will have same levelling system and progression as Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls VI – will we see more next month?

An ex-Bethesda developer has given the first hints at how the follow-up to Skyrim will work, and some of it will be reassuringly familiar.

Although work will continue on Starfield for years, now that the game is out Bethesda can begin to concentrate more on The Elder Scrolls 6, which was first announced seven years ago and yet has only recently entered full development .

It’s still years away – at least four or five – but now what work has begun in earnest the first details are beginning to emerge and, unsurprisingly, Bethesda is not starting entirely from scratch.

According to design director Bruce Nesmith the new game will ‘absolutely’ use Skyrim’s style of levelling up and progression, that’s based on using the skills repeatedly rather than just assigning skill points and instantly getting better at them.

Given the popularity of Skyrim, and its less stat-obsessed approach to role-playing, that’s not a surprise, with Nesmith suggesting that Elder Scrolls 6 will ‘probably’ also use a similar magic system to Skyrim – rather than the more arcane approach from Oblivion, which made it difficult to access powerful magic early on.

Nesmith retired from Bethesda in 2021, which explains why he’s a little more willing to talk openly. He was previously lead designer on Skyrim and senior design on Starfield, so while not one of Bethesda’s best known developers he is one of the most experienced.

It’s possible that what he knows about the new game’s development has already changed but he suggests that Howard – who was recently confirmed as the game’s director – already ‘knows what he wants’ for the game.

‘What will probably come through, because you can see it in the history of the game, is things that were developed in Oblivion and in Skyrim will be further developed in The Elder Scrolls 6. I don’t know what they will be, but you will find my fingerprints on many of those things,’ said Nesmith.

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Nesmith’s interview with MinnMax is an hour and 40 minutes, but he confirms that the game is still years away from completion. Although he doesn’t comment on Microsoft’s decision to make it an Xbox and PC exclusive .

However, he does mention that Howard believes the best time to start talking in detail about a new game is around six months before it’s released, which is roughly how things worked with Skyrim.

That means you may not find out anything substantial about The Elder Scrolls 6 until 2028, although hopefully we’ll get at least a name and some kind of teaser trailer before that.

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