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Fallout TV show gets a 2024 release date on Amazon Prime

Fallout TV show gets a 2024 release date on Amazon Prime
Fallout TV is becoming a reality (Picture: Amazon)

The live action version of Fallout will premiere in a little less than six months, as fans eagerly await the first official trailer.

In the end, it wasn’t movies that proved that video game adaptations could be critical and commercial smashes but TV, with The Last Of Us show being one of the biggest of the year and no doubt encouraging executives everywhere to sign up every video game they can think of for a show.

Amazon’s Fallout project started development years ago but handily for them that means it’s perfectly poised to take advantage of The Last Of Us ’ success, not least because it also has a post-apocalyptic setting – although nuclear war in this case, not zombies.

It’s been clear the show is nearing completion but until now it’s never had a release date. However, Amazon has now confirmed that the first episode will be available on 12th April next year (not the 4th December, as the American date format makes it look).

The teaser revealing the date uses the Pip-Boy visuals from the games, confirming that the show will stick very close to the look of the Bethesda games, including the alternative future 1950s aesthetic.

What’s never been clear though is whether it will lean into the satirical elements that characterised the pre-Bethesda entries and which have been largely absent in recent years.

It does seem an obvious way to go for a TV show, but while the emphasis on Vault Boy in many of the promotional imagery hints at a dark comedy there’s never been any real indication of the tone.

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The next step is a proper trailer, as the only official footage so far has been a leaked behind closed door teaser , which looks very authentic but still didn’t explain anything about the story.

All we know so far, about the plot, is that it’s not a direct adaption of any of the games and takes place around the previously unseen Vault 33, in what’s left of Los Angeles.

The show’s cast includes Twin Peaks’ Kyle MacLachlan, Walton Goggins from Justified, and Ella Purnell from Yellowjackets.

PLEASE REMAIN CALM. An Important Dated Message Brought to You By Your Friends at @PrimeVideo . — FALLOUT⚡️ (@falloutonprime) October 23, 2023

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