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Delaware Online Gambling Sees Tepid September Revenue Numbers

The Delaware Lottery’s September iGaming revenue numbers are out, and they’re about as lukewarm as you can get.
Year-on-year revenue was down slightly at $1.1 million, while month-on-month revenue moved upward by just under $2,000, according to data from the Delaware Lottery.
A look at Delaware online gambling revenue in September
The state’s three online casino license holders followed the pattern that’s become familiar in the First State: Delaware Park generated the most revenue, followed by Bally’s Dover and Harrington Casino & Raceway.
Here’s a breakdown of how September’s revenue compared to August’s gaming revenue in Delaware and the rest of the year:

Month Delaware Park Revenue Bally's Revenue Harrington Revenue Total Revenue Month-on-Month Chage

September $534,014.81 $356,860.85 $218,074.36 $1,108,950.02 0.16%

August $488,308.48 $319,237.01 $299,587.59 $1,107,133.08 -6.31%

July $475,192.18 $363,047.17 $343,448.65 $1,181,688.00 3.15%

June $407,149.88 $451,137.10 $287,365.97 $1,145,652.95 -6.99%

May $509,183.69 $381,382.66 $341,185.25 $1,231,751.60 -4.79%

April $444,955.39 $457,240.20 $391,509.86 $1,293,705.45 -9.31%

March $443,421.79 $555,565.14 $427,475.78 $1,426,462.71 27.01%

February $481,750.36 $337,743.52 $303,607.26 $1,123,101.14 -5.61%

January $433,104.05 $385,188.70 $371,569.95 $1,189,862.70 N/A

Total $4,217,080.63 $3,607,402.35 $2,983,824.67 $10,808,307.65 N/A

Harrington had an $80,000 decline in revenue, and that would’ve put monthly growth in the negative had Delaware Park and Bally’s Dover not tallied gains of around $83,000. Bally’s had its best online casino revenue month since December 2022.
Overall, casino revenue ticked up 0.16% in September ; it’s a small win considering five of the past eight months have seen drops in monthly revenue.
Year-on-year, revenue for Delaware’s online casinos  fell around $200,000 from $1.3 million in September 2022 to $1.1 million this past month.
Delaware sports betting net revenue triples from August to September
Mirroring markets all across the country, Delaware’s sports betting net revenue skyrocketed in September thanks to the start of the NFL regular season.
Net revenue (sportsbook win before deductions like state taxes) finished at $958,547 , or 208% higher than August’s total of $311,175.
Here’s how the numbers looked by revenue source in September, which accounts for revenue generated by sportsbooks from Aug. 28 to Sept. 24:

Delaware Park: $120,379
Bally’s Dover: $71,880
Harrington: $30,075
Retailers: $725,583

Retailers were responsible for the state’s tremendous September numbers ; net revenue went up from $107,932 in August to more than $725,000 in September. The post Delaware Online Gambling Sees Tepid September Revenue Numbers appeared first on Play USA . always shares this Contents with License.

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