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Pokémon recreates Patrick Bateman American Psycho scene in official TikTok video

Pokémon recreates Patrick Bateman American Psycho scene in official TikTok video
What would Patrick Bateman train his pokémon to do? (Picture: YouTube)

The most bizarre Pokémon ad ever made is a one-to-one recreation of a famous scene from a 20+ year old horror movie.

We’ve seen our fair share of strange gaming ads recently, such as the Resident Evil Village puppet show and the Ben Stiller father-son support group for God Of War Ragnarök .

However, The Pokémon Company has topped them all by associating its child friendly franchise with 2000 horror movie/social satire American Psycho.

The ad in question can be viewed on TikTok and recreates a scene from the movie using Pokémon hand puppets; all to promote a new trading card depicting gym leader Larry from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet . Said card is included in the new Paradox Rift expansion that launches on November 3.

Given the age and content of the movie, this is clearly an effort to appeal to Pokémon’s older fans, although it mercifully doesn’t reference any of the movie’s more violent scenes.

It instead takes a scene where main character Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) and his coworkers flaunt their business cards… except here it’s hand puppets of Marshtomp, Quagsire, and Slowpoke showing off different versions of the Larry card.

@pokemonofficial Larry #PokemonTCG card reveal #larrypokemon #paradoxrift ♬ original sound – Pokémon Company Int’l

Once you get past the oddity of it all, the whole thing is quite humorous, with the pokémon awkwardly spitting their cards out of their mouths, Marshtomp’s glasses falling off, and Slowpoke being… well, slow.

We’re just confused as to how someone came up with this idea in the first place. Although it could be a reference to YouTube videos where people edit the scene from the movie, replacing the business cards with Pokémon cards.

Or perhaps the joke is how Larry himself is a businessman similar to the American Psycho characters, although Larry never murders one of his fellow gym leaders with an axe… that we know of.

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Regardless, the ad has been a hit with fans, if the comments section is to be believed.

‘Never thought I would see a Pokémon/American Psycho crossover, but I’m here for it.’

‘Someone get the marketing team a raise.’

‘Incredible. Love it. No notes.’

‘Your social media person is killing it with this one!’

The ad has also done double duty and helped promote the puppets, with a few fans eager to get one for themselves. All three are sold via The Pokémon Center in the UK (along with a Psyduck one) for £19.99 each, although, at time of writing, Quagsire is sold out.

What next? A Pokémon version of Silence Of The Lambs? (Picture: TikTok)

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