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Spider-Man 2 ending explained – and what it means for Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 2 ending explained – and what it means for Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 2 – the third one is not going to be short of new characters (Picture: Sony)

If you’re not afraid of some heavy duty spoilers, then it’s already clear who the main characters in Spider-Man 3 are going to be…

You don’t need to know what happens at the end of Spider-Man 2 to know there’s going to be a Spider-Man 3. The original’s success was more than enough to ensure a couple of sequels and there seems little chance that the new game won’t be just as popular.

Spider-Man 2 is famously not that long , so many people probably beat it over the weekend. But while the final battle is suitably epic, anyone that’s not a hardcore comic book fan will likely be confused as to what the final post-credits sequence was hinting at.

Everything after the ad below will, obviously, involve the heaviest of heavy spoilers but if you want to know what happens at the end, and what it implies about the third game, then read on…

Spider-Man 2 post-credit scenes explained

Like any good Marvel movie, Spider-Man 2 has two post-credit scenes. The first one is the flashiest, but it doesn’t really tell you all that much. It involves Norman Osborn meeting with Dr Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, to try and find out the secret identities of the two Spider-Men.

In case you forgot, Otto didn’t die in the last game but is now in jail, suffering from a terminal illness. He’s shown working on something in his notebook, which Norman takes an interest in, but other than that the scene doesn’t tell you much, other than a sort of meta hint that the third Spider-Man game will be the last.

In comics, and movies, Normal Osborn ends up as Green Goblin, which the post-credits scene also seems to be hinting at, with talk of a ‘G-Serum’ (no, that’s not that same as Resident Evil, that was G-Virus ).

However, while the games have broadly kept to the same concepts, they do have a tendency to switch roles around. So, for example, Venom is not Eddie Brock in this game and it doesn’t seem as if Harry Osborn will ever be taking over from his dad as Hobgoblin.

The second after credits scene seems a bit boring by comparison, as it revolves around Miles inviting his quasi-girlfriend Hailey to dinner with his mother, Rio. However, this is the scene with the most surprising revelation.

Right at the end of the scene, the doorbell rings and we see two people that Rio addresses as Albert and Cindy. It’s implied Albert is Rio’s gentleman caller but all you see of his daughter is the back of her head.

For most people those names mean nothing but for comic book fans it’s a very obvious nod to Cindy Moon, aka Silk, aka yet another New York teenager that got bit by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker.

The obvious implication is that Silk will be a new playable character in Spider-Man 3. Especially as Miles was shown gaining his powers only right at the end of the first game, before getting his own spin-off and a starring role in Spider-Man 2.

Theoretically, that makes it possible that Silk could get her own spin-off, before Spider-Man 3, but developer Insomniac has instead said that they’re thinking of making a Venom half-sequel – although there’s no reason that couldn’t including Silk as well, potentially as a playable character.

Although Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman have traditionally been the most popular female Spider-People, Silk has become increasingly prominent in recent years and there’s talk of her having an animated spin-off and possibly a live action film too.

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Silk and the return of Doc Ock aren’t the only things that are implied for Spider-Man 3, with Spider-Man 2 going to great lengths to set up Carnage as well – the arch-nemesis of Venom and a fellow symbiote.

As with Venom, the backstory seems to have changed quite a bit with traditional Carnage host Cletus Kasady revealed to be merely one of several names used by a cult leader foiled by Peter Parker, but who manages to get away with a symbiote in tow.

Some of these elements, particularly Carnage, could end up in the half-sequel, rather than the main game, although there’s a good chance they’ll be in both.

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