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Mass Effect 4 producer teases next gen facial animation

Mass Effect 4 producer teases next gen facial animation
If games start using MetaHumans tech things are going to get very interesting (Picture: MetaHumans)

BioWare seems to be using the MetaHumans software for making Mass Effect characters, if a tweet from the producer is anything to go by.

While BioWare has provided a number of teases for the next Mass Effect game (referred to by fans as Mass Effect 4), there’s never really been any actual detail.

Last month, it was rumoured that BioWare is ditching the open world formula from Mass Effect Andromeda and that the new game will play more similarly to the original trilogy, but BioWare hasn’t confirmed that one way or the other.

However, project director Mike Gamble does seem to have provided a hint about what technology the game will be using for facial animation, and it looks very impressive.

The suggestion is that Mass Effect 4 will make use of the MetaHuman Creator from Epic Games, software that allows you to more easily create photorealistic human characters.

The technology is undoubtedly impressive judging by the trailer below, as at first it’s easy to believe you’re looking at a real person.

Chris Evans (no, not that one), a character technology director at Epic Games, posted a tweet asking if anyone is using MetaHumans for video games developed in Unreal Engine 5 .

Gamble responded with just a GIF of one of Mass Effect’s alien characters – a Salarian to be specific – squinting their eyes, with one of them beginning to twitch as if in frustration. — Michael Gamble (@GambleMike) October 17, 2023

It’s reasonable to assume that the next Mass Effect is being made with Unreal Engine 5 (BioWare was hiring people with Unreal experience in 2021). As such, some are reading this as a hint that it’s also using MetaHumans for its characters, meaning you could expect more detailed character designs and animations.

The idea of Metahuman possibly being used for the next ME is so exciting to me. I assume it’d work with humans and Asari (and maybe Quarians?) but I have wondered if it could work with less human looking aliens like Salarians, Turians, and so on.🤔 It’s such cool tech! — baun (@baundiesel) October 17, 2023

I honestly have no idea how to feel about this tool being used in the next ME game. Seems a little too fishy to be ethically sound, so I hope that Unreal are putting a hell of a lot of protections in (but I doubt it) seeing how easily it can be used as an AI training tool… — MazderVerhal (@MazderVerhal) October 17, 2023

Actually it would be very very nice to see this tech in ME 😎 — Alexa Rain (@_Liexza) October 17, 2023

Mike please don’t do it, metahumans look weird, the endless chase fir better graphics will only result in everything looking uncanny and uncomfortable. — Originalname610 (@orginalname610) October 18, 2023

It’s an exciting prospect, especially if BioWare is using it for its alien characters. Although there are fans that aren’t too keen on the idea, arguing that MetaHumans’ characters look too uncanny.

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Regardless, barring another teaser on this year’s Mass Effect Day (November 7), you shouldn’t expect any real info on Mass Effect 4 for a very long time.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf is BioWare’s main priority at the moment and there’s very little information on that game either. At the very least, it won’t launch until after March 2024 , but there’s no guarantee it’ll be out next year at all.

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