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Super Mario Bros. Wonder – what is it, how much does it cost, and does it have multiplayer?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – what is it, how much does it cost, and does it have multiplayer?
Read up on everything Super Mario Bros. Wonder. (Picture: Nintendo)

Mario and friends return this month with Super Mario Bros. Wonder – so here’s what you need to know about price, story, release date, and more.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first proper 2D Mario game since the 90s and one of the most anticipated games of the year for Nintendo Switch . Reviews have been nothing short of spectacular, as the game is already being hailed as a candidate for game of the year .

The 2D platformer has received high praise for being imaginative and fresh, while still having plenty of nods to the classic games of the 80s and 90s.

Although it features all-new levels and power-ups its biggest feature is the *Wonder Flower* in each level, which warps reality around you and completely changes the look and goal of the stage, so that you never know what’s coming next.

When does Super Mario Bros. Wonder come out?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released October 20, and can be purchased digitally or as a physical cartridge.

Because it’s a Nintendo game it will only ever be released on the Switch and has zero chance of ever appearing on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

How much does Super Mario Bros. Wonder cost?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder costs £49.99 for both the physical and digital version.

Nintendo games are notorious for rarely, if ever, getting price cuts so that price will probably be stuck in stone for a very long time. There’s certainly very little chance of it being significantly cheaper this year.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will cost £49.99 but you there are also bundles. (Picture: Nintendo)

Are there any Super Mario Bros. Wonder bundles or offers?

Yes, Nintendo has added a few extra incentives to get people to buy their new game.

If you buy it from the online Nintendo store you’ll also get a set of three pin badges: Wonder Flower, Elephant Fruit and Talking Flower. If you buy the digital version you get the pins and 5% of the game’s price in reward points, that can be spent in the Nintendo eShop.

The Nintendo store also offers a bundle for £64.49, called The Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mega bundle, which includes the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game, a Talking Flower figure, and 2D diorama and magnets.

UK retailer GAME offers their own exclusive, but similar, bundle, including the game, the same badges, and a Super Mario poster.

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mega Bundle via the Nintendo store. (Picture: Nintendo)

Does Super Mario Bros. Wonder have multiplayer?

Yes! Super Mario Bros. Wonder has lots of different co-op and competitive modes, with the ability to play the whole game with up to four people on the same console. It’s also possible to turn most levels into races, if you want to see who’s the best player.

The game can also be played online but only between friends who have registered each other’s details. That means there’s no danger of kids coming into contact with someone they don’t know.

Other random players can be encountered anonymously though, as you see shadows of their characters running around in the background, which can be a useful hint as to where to go next – or what not to do.

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Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder too difficult for young kids?

It doesn’t have to be. The main stages already aren’t that hard but if you play as Yoshi or Nabbit your character can’t be hurt by enemies, only if they fall down a hole. Also, when you’re playing with others it’s easy for them to revive you so you can carry on.

Other characters can even sit in and ride on Yoshi, so it’s easy to play with even quite young kids and do most of the work for them.

There are levels that are much harder, as a challenge to older players, but they’re entirely optional.

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