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Elephant Super Mario has a plush toy but there’s some bad news

Elephant Super Mario has a plush toy but there’s some bad news
We want one (Picture: Twitter)

As Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Spider-Man 2 prepare for launch, both are planning some very exclusive merchandise tie-ins.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on Friday, October 20 and it’s easily one of the best games of the year. Amongst its many new features is an elephant power-up that turns Mario, or any of the other characters, into… an elephant.

It’s already become one of the most iconic images from the game, for the very good reason that it’s super cute. And super cute can mean only one thing: an official plushie.

It looks great too, but there’s one major catch: it won’t be released until next year. Instead, it’ll be out in January, but unfortunately that means it’ll miss Christmas.

The toy is pretty big, at 26cm tall, 15cm wide, and 14cm wide and will cost ¥3,300, which works out at a surprisingly reasonable £18. Although we suspect it will be more expensive when it’s released here.

If it does become available in the UK it’ll likely be sold via the Nintendo website, although that all depends on exactly how successful the game is.

If it’s as big a hit as it deserves to be then hopefully we’ll see plushies for the elephant versions of Peach and Daisy too, because those are the funniest.

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This Friday won’t just see the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder but also Spider-Man 2 , Sony’s biggest exclusive of the year.

They haven’t announced any plushies but there is an official cereal that’s just been revealed, that has the two Spider-Men on the cover and the PlayStation symbols down the side.

Since Wheaties are only an American thing, we think, there doesn’t seem much chance of them being released here but we’re sure they’ll go for a fortune on eBay (or maybe those weird American Candy stores in London, that ignore the fact that American confectionery is literally the worse in the world).

The Breakfast of Champions x Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 🥣🕸️ Web a historic, limited-edition Wheaties box: — PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 17, 2023

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