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PS5 Slim release date leaked along with new Spider-Man 2 bundle

PS5 Slim release date leaked along with new Spider-Man 2 bundle
Coming soon (Picture: Sony)

Sony seems to be preparing an early November launch for its redesigned PS5 console, starting with a bundle featuring Spider-Man 2.

Although it’s not the rumoured PS5 Pro , Sony has two new hardware devices launching this Christmas, with the PlayStation Portal handheld device and the new model of PlayStation 5 console.

Sony isn’t referring to the new model as a PS5 Slim but that’s what everyone else is calling it, as it’s smaller and thinner than the original version; it also comes with a full 1TB of storage and supports an optional new detachable disc drive.

It has already been officially announced , with the prices being exactly the same as the current models, but Sony hasn’t said what the release date will be. However, the ultra-reliable billbil-kun claims it’s due on November 10, at least in the US .

Although they usually leak PS Plus and Game Pass details, French dataminer billbil-kun often has information on new retail bundles as well, so the PS5 Slim is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect them to have advance knowledge of.

According to them, the PS5 Slim with disc drive will first be released in the US on November 8, as part of a new bundle with Spider-Man 2. The bundle had been revealed before but at that time it wasn’t clear that it included the new slim model.

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The consoles, both with and without a disc drive, will then be release separately on November 10. That’s only confirmed for the US and Japan though, with billbil-kun having no information on its European debut.

It seems like Sony is aiming for a simultaneous global launch though, so it’s most likely going to be November 10 in the UK too.

The idea is that from that point onward the original models will be phased out, which is why the prices aren’t changing. There’s bound to be some old models left in stores this autumn but they’ll likely all be gone by the start of the new year.

Your first chance to buy a PS5 Slim (Picture: Sony)

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