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Pokémon Renaissance era paintings are selling for £130 each and fans think that’s too cheap

Pokémon Renaissance era paintings are selling for £130 each and fans think that’s too cheap
Bulbasaur painting by Reddit user Dingaantouwtje (Picture: Reddit)

A painter has decided to put a Renaissance twist on some classic Gen I pokémon – gotta paint ’em all.

A Reddit post showing off paintings of Pikachu and Bulbasaur has blown up overnight, and is currently at 15,000 upvotes. Painter Dingaantouwtje said they’re now embarking on a journey to paint portraits of all 151 original pokémon.

Unsurprisingly, people loved it, partly because it was posted on the Pokémon subreddit – and later promoted on r/all – but also because the paintings actually look amazing.

Dingaantouwtje decided to do them as if they were painted during the Renaissance Period, a few centuries earlier than the Van Gogh inspired Pokémon trading cards that sell for as much as £1,500 on eBay .

The Reddit post revealed, ‘I am working on 151 Renaissance Pokémon paintings and haven’t seen my girlfriend since’.

The paintings so far show a Pikachu in a flat cap and Bulbasaur dressed in vintage clothing. They seem a bit more Rembrandt than Raphael, which was a bit after the Renaissance, but they’re extremely impressive whatever the specific influence.

The comment section is brimming with praise, and Dingaantouwtje says they’re taking commissions for the 10 hour long job for them to finish a painting. They reveal that the plan is to sell each painting for €151 (£130) plus shipping, which was immediately described as too cheap.

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Dingaantouwtje admitted to being an inexperienced painter, who just watches tutorials of oil paintings and other painters online. However, the Pikachu painting has already sold and we can imagine the Bulbasaur will be quick out the door too.

They also drew over Pokémon trading cards, including Hypno and Raticate, to give the cards a new look. Not only that, they’ve sold Magic: The Gathering cards with their own art drawn on the back.

It sounds like they’ll have their hands full if all this attention turns into commissions. However, Dingaantouwtje did say they had to look into the legality of selling their retouched art.

Pikachu painting by Reddit user Dingaantouwtje (Picture: Reddit)

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