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North Carolina Gaming Industry Embraces New Era with Approved Betting Rules

The North Carolina Sports Betting Committee greenlit the first set of comprehensive gambling rules during its inaugural session on October 17. These rules, which cover aspects such as money lines, over-unders, and spreads, were set into motion after Gov. Roy Cooper signed House Bill 347 into law in June 2023.

North Carolina Unveils 48 Rules for Sports Betting 

The legislation brings clarity to the state’s stance on online sports betting outlets, and physical locations, including kiosks and casinos. Notably, the regulations explicitly separate sports betting and pari-mutuel activities from state lottery operations. 

Sterl Carpenter, the deputy executive of Gaming Compliance and Sports Betting , stressed that the new rules would be applicable to regulated sports betting and pari-mutuel actors, excluding lottery retailers, reported WLOS . He noted that lottery operations were not covered under these new regulations.

A total of 48 rules were meticulously drafted and presented to the committee. These guidelines will be applicable to any entity seeking a license from the commission, be it for ADW, sports betting operations, service provision, or supply. The committee’s unanimous approval underscores the broad consensus reached in the decision-making process.

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission recently announced it is confident about launching mobile sports betting by mid-2024, with some speculating it might even start in January. Officials are actively working on the mobile system, and despite ongoing tweaks, deputy executive director Sterl Carpenter is certain that betting will commence no later than mid-June. The commission is considering an electronic application system for licensing but has temporarily decided to handle applications internally. 

Major Industry Players and Stringent Rules to Shape the Future of Sports Betting

The state aims to have eight physical locations and twelve online sportsbooks operational by June 2024. Big industry players such as FanDuel , DraftKings , and Barstool Sportsbook are poised to enter the North Carolina market, signaling a robust and competitive landscape.

Carpenter provided assurance to experienced gamblers by highlighting the resemblance between North Carolina’s procedures and those in other states. He confirmed that these rules served as the foundation, encompassing definitions, the integration of industry standards, license and application regulations, and protocols related to written designation agreements for operators.

North Carolina appointed Sterl Carpenter , a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience, as the head of the gaming compliance and sports betting division within the State Lottery Commission in August. Carpenter, a former senior regulator from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, currently oversees the regulation of sports gambling as North Carolina prepares to launch its online sports betting market, expected to be operational by June 14, 2024. His extensive experience is expected to contribute significantly to the state’s successful entry into the industry. always shares this Contents with License.

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