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Super Mario Bros. Wonder mod adds swearing flowers – Nintendo nukes site from orbit

Super Mario Bros. Wonder mod adds swearing flowers – Nintendo nukes site from orbit
Super Mario Bros. Wonder – if your copy of the game swears at you, then you’re not playing an official copy (Picture: Nintendo)

Fans have not only emulated Super Mario Bros. Wonder on PC but have begun creating their own mods, much to Nintendo’s annoyance.

Much like every other major video game to launch this year, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has managed to wind up in peoples’ hands long before its official release, as the game’s not supposed to be out until Friday.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has made an effort to scrub any footage from the Internet , that spoils content that’s not been made public yet.

This also extends to modded gameplay, with one stand out example being a video that features one of the game’s talking flowers swearing at the player.

With physical copies already in the wild, those with the technical knowhow can get Super Mario Bros. Wonder running on a PC, which makes it easier to mess around with the game’s files. The same thing happened with Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom ahead of its launch.

As such, some fans have already had fun inserting new dialogue for the talking flowers. One clip shared by Twitter user Contendo just had the flower yell ‘F*** you’ while another from AndratVA included the line ‘That Goomba looks so f***ing serene!’

‘The [talking flowers] are scripted to talk as you approach,’ AndratVA explains to Kotaku. ‘Their text and voices are all stored in the files, so changing them is easy if you have the proper tools.’

Both clips caught the attention of Nintendo and have now been taken down. Contendo doesn’t seem that bothered, saying that the takedown just makes the video funnier, while AndratVA admits the takedown was ‘deserved.’ Although others are bound to have saved the clips and shared them elsewhere.

The video is funnier now honestly lol — Contendo (@ContendoYT) October 18, 2023

The stuff was DMCA’d :( And to be fair, yeah, deserved But also it’s gone now — AndratVA (@AndratVA) October 18, 2023

Even if neither clip spoiled anything from the game, Nintendo obviously doesn’t like its products being altered, especially if the alterations introduce inappropriate content like swearing.

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That said, you can still find clips and images of other mods online. One teesam on Twitter has altered a level to feature a set of blocks arranged to look like the face of Sans from Undertale (the nearby flower even screams his name).

Another modder, BigSharkZ, is also working on a mod that makes Luigi resemble Mr L, a character from Super Paper Mario. Neither of these Twitter posts have been hit with a copyright takedown yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches for Nintendo Switch on October 20.

WIP. — BigSharkZ (BSZ) (@BigSharkZ) October 16, 2023

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