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Spider-Man 2 Puddlegate is over as Insomniac celebrates ‘next gen puddles’

Spider-Man 2 Puddlegate is over as Insomniac celebrates ‘next gen puddles’
The nightmare is over (Picture: Twitter)

Arguing about how realistic puddles are should finally be a thing of the past, as everyone agrees Spider-Man 2’s are very good.

If some fans had had their way Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t be out this week; instead, it would’ve been delayed in order to create more realistic puddles when it rains.

That may sound absurd – and it is – but that’s the basis of Puddlegate , which has been a point of contention for both Spider-Man games but has now finally, hopefully, been laid to rest.

A tweet comparing the puddles from Spider-Man Remastered on the PlayStation 5 and the new Spider-Man 2 show a noticeable improvement, with developer Insomniac insisting, ‘I told you we had next gen puddles.’

Although it’s hard to tell just how seriously some people were taking the whole thing, Puddlegate initially started because early screenshots of the first Spider-Man featured very realistic looking puddles, but the actual game had less of them and they didn’t reflect very well.

Insomniac acknowledged the complaints by adding stickers of puddles into photo mode, so you could add as many as you liked to the game.

While bullshots are a serious problem – where publishers construct fake screenshots that aren’t actually taken from the game – the whole thing quickly got out of control and similar arguments started as soon as Spider-Man 2 screenshots were released.

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Later complaints centred around the water effects in Spider-Man 2, but we can confirm they look very good in the finished game.

So do the puddles, but it doesn’t actually rain that much in the game’s virtual New York City, so you don’t see them much except for when you venture underground into sewers and the like.

Spider-Man 2 launches for PlayStation 5 on October 20.

I told you we had next-gen puddles. @JavaCoolDude and @fitzymj and the team wouldn’t let me down. — James Stevenson (@JamesStevenson) October 16, 2023

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