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Drake Misses $1.3M Payout after Paul’s Win against Danis

In addition to being a globally recognized rap superstar, Drake is also a passionate sports bettor who places hefty wagers on different events. , the platform where the rapper is an ambassador, usually reveals insights regarding his large bets.

Just like in other forms of gambling, there’s no guarantee about the outcomes of sports events, making wagering on sports subject to chance on some occasions. Recently, confirmed a bet that was reportedly placed by Drake, some $852,741.95 . The wager was on the boxing match between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul .

Played over the weekend, on Saturday, Paul emerged as the winner of the boxing match. This became a fact after Danis was disqualified from the game . While Drake placed a wager for Paul to win the game, he opted out for a KO win . This means that Drake likely lost that $850,000 wager . Had he guessed correctly the outcome of the game, the rapper was in for a mouth-watering $1,355,859 payout .

The recent wager that is close to a million dollars doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, Drake is famous for betting millions on sports every month and while some of his bad streaks were called the “Drake curse,” he still wins plenty of his bets. Earlier this year, the celebrity bettor broke the curse after two winning bets on the Denver Nuggets got him more than $800,000 in winnings .

Paul and Danis Continue to Fight off the Ring

After the match on Saturday, Danis went on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, and wrote: “Sorry you lost that 850k @Drake never bet against a dawg.” The winner of the boxing match, Paul spoke about Danis , saying: “I think Dillion perfectly embodies the problem with society. All s**t talk behind screen. No action. Just another peasant running his mouth contributing nothing to this world but negativity.” The winner of the fight also said that he was happy to have exposed “this clown.”

Danis did not wait to reply to Paul’s statement, saying that he wasn’t even “tickled” by the fight.  Moreover, Danis claimed that Paul did not agree to engage in an MMA fight . He added that while other fighters who are not boxers wouldn’t agree, he was up to the challenge to fight Paul. “Everyone knew I’m not a boxer, but unlike others, I took the challenge even with everything in your favor: weight, steroids, rounds, rules, judges, referees,” Danis wrote.

Undoubtedly, the latest fight was much anticipated so it is not a surprise that Drake picked it for a hefty wager. Yet, many users online criticized Danis for his dissing and insulting talk before and after the boxing match. As a result, some started posting memes of the fighter while others called him a keyboard warrior. always shares this Contents with License.

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