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Games Inbox: The easiest way to get cheap video games, Forza Motorsport bugs, and Phil Spencer interviews

Games Inbox: The easiest way to get cheap video games, Forza Motorsport bugs, and Phil Spencer interviews
Video games are getting more expensive, let alone the hardware (Picture: Getty Images)

The Monday letters page asks why do people cheat at multiplayer video games , as one reader tries to name the third Final Fantasy 7 remake.

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Sensible cutbacks I can totally understand the Reader’s Feature at the weekend , about the price of Spider-Man 2 and how video games feel like they’ve just crossed a line with how expensive they are now. As has been said, it’s not even necessarily the publishers being greedy, we’ve just reached a point where good-looking games are incredibly expensive to make and that cost is being passed on to the buyer.

For me though I’m not giving up, but I will never pay full price for anything. Buying physical is the obvious way round the problem, because you can sell the game on after, but simply waiting can save you anything up to 50% in less than six months – and that’d for big name games too, like we saw with the recent Prime Day event.

Sales are fairly constant throughout the year and when they’re not on there’s always indie games, which are both cheaper and, if you pick carefully, often better. There’s lots of options for someone trying to save money and while I can understand trying to make a clean break by selling your current gen consoles, I don’t think you always have to go that far. There’s lots of different ways to get cheap video games and usually the only thing you need is a bit of patience. Durnden

Unknown concept I usually spend my weekends going through old games and I’ve just put a few hours into Star Trek: Conquest. The gameplay is pretty simplistic, but it is very enjoyable if you are a Star Trek fan and a great pick up and play for a strategy game. All the major races are there and it’s just a lot of fun.

I am curious to know – do you guys at GameCentral play games in your spare time? My job is boring and I imagine yours is pretty great but I guessing it is still work! I’m sure you’ve mentioned before about deadlines, etc. At a weekend do you sit down to play games to relax or just want to get away from them?!

And when I message in thanks for sorting out my terrible grammar! Simon

GC: Spare what?

Fake achievement I was wondering, for a Hot Topic, if you could actually ask if people who cheat at online multiplayer would write in and explain why they do it. What do they think they have achieved by getting the most kills or highest ranking if it’s not a real achievement?

It’s the same as getting recognition for a sporting achievement if you have taken performance enhancing drugs, or people saying you look totally amazing even though you have photoshopped your pics. What’s the point of receiving praise if it’s not actually earned?

I personally stopped playing online due to the cheats (that plus the abusive language that is common now) Everyone can write in anonymously. Glynn

GC: People aren’t going to write in about that, anonymous or not. If they do though, we’ll use the letters in the normal weekday Inbox.

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

Do not pass go I bought Forza Motorsport Premium for the Xbox Series X. Got it from Amazon as a digital download and paid £90 for early access.

Now the problem. The game locks up way before I’ve had a chance to play it. I launch the game and within 5 seconds it locks up. To be fair, I’ve got to the movie intro three times, then it locks up. Shame really, as I love Forza.

I’ve contacted Microsoft (you speak to a gamer) and likewise with Forza. You get a copy and paste answer of all the things I’ve already done already; reset console, new gamertag, reinstall game, etc., etc.

My issue isn’t even on the Forza known site.

I have left a review on the Xbox Series X. I’ve spent £90 on a game I can’t play. Hoodedyoda01 (gamertag)

GC: Although it didn’t happen to us, it is an issue we’ve heard of before. There’s a support page for it on the Forza website but it doesn’t seem very helpful.

Business interview The thing that strikes me about all the goings on with the FTC vs. Microsoft, and CMA, Nintendo, etc. is how much of a charlatan Phil Spencer is.

I can live in a world with big wigs, I’m not that bothered about that, but it’s the fact that he plays this image of being a gamer first and foremost.

I know GC have interviewed him in the past, but after the drip feeding of revelations and emails, etc., do you think he is going to go anywhere near an interview anytime soon? Or if he does, I bet it won’t be Kotaku, GC, or a select number of others that gets chosen.

In fact, it will be interesting to see who does get given that scoop. r-s-w

GC: He’s higher up the food chain now, then when we used to talk to him, so it’s unlikely. We’re sure he’ll be doing the rounds of financial papers and websites for the next few weeks though.

Bought and paid for Oh yeah, I absolutely want to beat every game I buy! You don’t feel you’re getting your money’s worth otherwise. Even for me, as I like to shop around to get the best deal, that still means about £40-45. That’s a significant chunk of money. Especially when you’re on Universal Credit with what feels like a permanent mental illness. That money could have gone on food, a couple of DVDs, or even a few books! So, if I buy something at its launch or fairly close to release then it better be a lifetime purchase.

Of course, that doesn’t always work out. Sequels can disappoint, I can find myself the minority dissenter for a very popular, critically acclaimed title, or it just doesn’t grip me right to the end – for whatever reason. Final Fantasy tends to be the main culprit, there. I tend to lose interest the further they go on. That said, I mean to beat Final Fantasy 6 and the 7 Remake one of these days!

I’m just having a break from Street Fighter 6 at the moment. I’ve come to a point where there is a tournament in Nayshall, so every opponent has to be beaten in a row. But I was low on money (energy drinks) and continues. So, I’m going to have to farm those before I have another crack at it. That means I’ve moved on to Disgaea 7, which you guys have mysteriously not reviewed yet, but I am quite enjoying it. Better than 6 and 5, I think. Well, so far… DMR

GC: It’s rather busy at the moment and Disgaea is not a short game. We’ll try and get round to it at some point.

Everything is awful It seems like the once diverse and imaginative landscape of game development is gradually succumbing to a monotonous cycle. Yes, we’re talking about the increasingly apparent replication of game mechanics, pushing us into a vortex of uniformity. Ubisoft, once renowned for its diverse game offerings, has recently fallen prey to a formulaic approach. Look around, dear gamers, and you’ll find the persistent recurrence of gear systems, meticulously designed third person scenes, and the ever-tempting rotation feature, subtly nudging us toward in-game purchases.

Even acclaimed titles like Ghost Recon and Far Cry have reluctantly surrendered to this seemingly never-ending cycle. But hold on, it’s not just Ubisoft facing this dilemma. Our beloved franchises like FIFA, UFC, Madden, WWE, and even the iconic Call Of Duty are all sailing in the same boat. Game development, once a sanctuary for creativity and innovation, is now gradually morphing into a monetized honey pot, ceaselessly draining the pockets of passionate gamers. It’s becoming an addiction, an impulse-driven descent into an endless loop of purchases, often yielding less substance than ever before.

The question arises – are we witnessing the decline of creativity in the gaming universe? Is the very essence of gaming being overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of profits? These are queries that deserve our attention, calls to action for the preservation of the true spirit of gaming. Until next time, stay vigilant, and let us not forget that gaming is meant to be an immersive, creative, and delightful escape. Let’s safeguard it from the clutches of commercialisation and strive to revive the lost essence of authentic gameplay experiences. Alex

GC: That seems a very rose-tinted view of the past, if nothing else.

Re-something I’ve been wondering of late what Square Enix are going to call the third instalment of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. So far we have the first game called Remake, followed by the sequel called Rebirth and the third, as yet unnamed.

My guesses for the third instalment are:






Any other guesses? Either way, I’m looking forward to the sequel in February after thoroughly enjoying the first part! Paul Conry

GC: Regurgitation? (That’s mean, we liked Final Fantasy 7 Remake too. We’ll put our bet on Regenesis – it’s not actually a word but that’s never stopped Square Enix before.)

More: Trending Spider-Man 2 is so expensive I’m giving up gaming - Reader’s Feature Activision Blizzard has made me start to hate Xbox and Phil Spencer - Reader’s Feature Sony and Nintendo should join forces to combat Microsoft Xbox - Reader’s Feature

Private emails Let’s forget for a second that Microsoft is a wealthier company than Nintendo (not through their gaming console achievements – pun not intended).

I’ve read these comments sections for over 20 years and the main consensus is the lack of unoriginality, the safe betting of Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, and the like.

Microsoft seems to want to corner these markets and why wouldn’t they? It’s where the money is.

Nintendo on the other hand, whether you love them or hate them, have never gone for the safe option, sometimes it’s gone against their favour but you could never accuse them of not trying to push the envelope.

If Microsoft buy them, as the Financial Times seem to implore, then Nintendo will just be another company that makes games.

Maybe they will get lazy? Which is not a word associated with the big N.

Microsoft buying Nintendo is seriously not in anyone’s best interests except Microsoft’s and even then it will be short lived.

We might like to think we are the pioneers of gaming but if truth be told in one hundred years time, when most of us are all long gone. People are going to be looking back at Nintendo as the Disney of video games.

Microsoft has no business being in charge of a company like that.

It really isn’t a good idea and until recently Nintendo showed a massive respect to Xbox, it’s a shame it wasn’t reciprocated.

That’s coming from a Switch and an Xbox Series S owner. freeway 77

Inbox also-rans Tell you what, that Lords Of The Fallen review saved me £69. I’d preordered it based on the trailers, but I was able to cancel. Really appreciate the honest reviews. Mitchell

Surely GTA 6 is one of only a few games that wouldn’t require any marketing whatsoever? So, the answer to the question raised on Friday, about what would Rockstar gain from a no marketing push, is probably in the region of £250 million in ad and marketing spend. They literally don’t need to bother, so why would they? Matt

This week’s Hot Topic The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Onibee, who asks what is your favourite Nintendo game?

Nobody’s been in the video games business longer than Nintendo, or has as many famous, and not so famous, franchises as they do, but what is your absolute favourite Nintendo game and why?

How does it compare to other entries in the franchise and other similar games from other companies? Is Nintendo one of your favourite developers and what do you think are their key strengths and weaknesses?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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