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Tipping Fatigue: Nearly 2 in 3 Americans Overwhelmed by Tipping Requests

Survey Finds 56% Feel Pressure To Tip on Tablet Checkouts
In today’s fast-paced world of dining out, getting your daily coffee fix, or even ordering online, one common thread often runs through these experiences: tipping. It’s an act that’s become as routine as saying “thank you”. Following our 2022 report on tipping etiquette , we wanted to check in with Americans again in 2023 and see how technology influences tipping habits, the inner conflicts people face when prompted to tip, and why more and more Americans are experiencing tipping fatigue.
Tipping Pressure and Fatigue Across the U.S.

Nearly 3 in 5 (59%) Americans have tipping fatigue, which describes the weariness consumers are experiencing as the demand increases for tips on goods and services. Due to this, it’s not surprising 2 in 3 feel pressure to tip and 56% feel pressure to tip during iPad or tablet checkouts. In fact, 47% of Americans have tipped when they normally wouldn’t because an iPad or tablet asked them to, and 63% feel overwhelmed by tipping requests.
When it comes to face-to-face interactions , 44% of respondents admitted to tipping more when a worker is physically present and can see what they’re tipping. Additionally, 87% believe more businesses are asking for tips that previously didn’t, and 71% have noticed tablets offering higher than typical tip options. More than half of Americans feel guilty if they’re prompted to tip on a check-out screen and don’t.
Rethinking Tipping: Shifting Perspectives on Gratuity

When it comes to current tipping trends, 1 in 5 Americans are tipping less due to the current economy. Moreover, 3 in 4 think tipping is out of control, and 77% believe the lines of when to tip (and when not to) are becoming blurred.
Looking to the future, 2 in 3 would like to do away with tipping altogether, 62% would be willing to pay higher prices if they didn’t have to tip, and 3 in 4 would like to get rid of the tipped minimum wage.
We’re quickly approaching the season of giving – and it’s not just limited to loved ones. More than 1 in 3 (36%) try to tip more during the holidays. Nearly half (48%) of Americans say they try to tip everyone more during the holiday season, but the top workers people prioritize include servers, food delivery workers, and bartenders.
American’s Tipping Behavior

Despite feeling tipping fatigue, the majority of Americans (84%) still consider themselves good tippers. Baby Boomers top the list, followed by Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials. Sometimes Americans are not only tipping on the service they receive as 3 in 4 are more likely to tip if they know the service provider’s income relies heavily on gratuity. Additionally, 56% will tip even if they’re unsure if they should.
When it comes to how much to tip, statistics show 43% believe 20% is an appropriate tip for good service at a restaurant. Nearly 2 in 3 feel pressure to tip even if the service wasn’t good and 1 in 5 think it’s rude to tip anything less than 20%.
As for tipping certain professions, there are countless workers Americans can potentially tip including babysitters, golf caddies, and casino workers (including online casinos !). Gratuity is a huge part of the service industry, but who to tip and how much to give can be confusing. 2 in 3 Americans usually tip baristas $1-2, 1 in 3 tip bartenders a few dollars, and 1 in 5 tip food delivery drivers 20%.
Tipping etiquette has changed and will continue to change in the years to come, while there’s no simple solution or correct way to go about this age-old practice, we advise doing what you’re most comfortable with because at the end of the day, it’s your money.
In September 2023, we surveyed 1,002 Americans from across the U.S. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 83 with the average age of 42. 50% identified as male, 48% identified as female, and 2% identified as non-binary or transgender.
For media inquiries, please contact [email protected].
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