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Hours of Spider-Man and Super Mario Bros. Wonder footage leak online

Hours of Spider-Man and Super Mario Bros. Wonder footage leak online
Spider-Man 2 – this is what companies like Sony wish they could do to leakers (Picture: Sony)

Footage from the new Spider-Man and Super Mario games have appeared online, but Sony and Nintendo have attempted to take them down.

It’s already become normalised for major video games to break their street dates , prompting people to upload or stream spoiler-filled gameplay for everyone to see, but we’re still always surprised when it happens.

The most recent examples are October’s two biggest games: Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder , which coincidentally both launch next Friday.

This means you’ll need to tread carefully for spoilers, although it seems Sony and Nintendo are at least attempting to minimise the spread.

In Spider-Man 2’s case, what appears to be the game’s opening hour has been uploaded, which includes cut scenes, the first few missions, and glimpses of the suit menu (though the full line-up of suits already leaked earlier this week).

It appears the footage was initially posted to Streamable and Vimeo, although both links no longer work, with both sites saying that the footage was disabled due to claims of copyright infringement.

Vimeo makes it clear that the claim came from Sony itself, which isn’t surprising. Still, the footage hasn’t been entirely scrubbed from the Internet and is out there if you know where to look.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Nintendo is more than willing to take people to court over leaks (Picture: Nintendo)

As for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Twitter user LiteralPaperYT uploaded footage they recorded on their phone. Said footage has been taken down due to copyright claims, while some of their other posts were deleted entirely.

The leaker even set up a new account to continue posting footage and screenshots, but Nintendo has since taken those tweets down too.

It’s not surprising that Nintendo would be so diligent with shutting down leaks where it can. This is the same company that makes efforts to identify leakers so it can sue them .

Meanwhile, on Twitch , streamer GrandPooBear recorded themselves playing a public demo of Super Mario Bros. Wonder at a Target store in the US. This hasn’t been taken down, though, possibly because the demo is, well… public and thus doesn’t contain any info Nintendo doesn’t want people to know about pre-launch.

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You’d still think that given how regular these broken street dates are that there’d be some response by retailers and/or publishers to prevent these situations. But despite how widespread an issue it is nothing ever seems to happen, with publishers apparently content to just plug leaks when they pop up.

At the very least, people getting to play their physical copies earlier than everyone else just gives the industry more incentive to switch to an all-digital future, since it can then control when people can start playing games and minimise these sorts of leaks.

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