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What are Pokémon Go’s harvest festival and Halloween events all about?

What are Pokémon Go’s harvest festival and Halloween events all about?
Pokémon GO harvest festival debuts Smoliv. (Picture: Pokémon Go)

October is a busy time for Pokémon trainers with a new Switch game and two events with a chance to catch a brand new pokémon.

Nintendo started off October by releasing Detective Pikachu Returns on Switch , a game with quite a different feel to its predecessor.

Halfway though the month and the Japanese company is now inviting its Pokémon Go players to celebrate not just the seasons changing, but also the spooky holiday at the end of October, in a pokéfrenzy that lasts over 20 days.

The first event is Pokémon Go harvest festival, which starts October 12, followed by Pokémon Halloween, which begins on October 19. Both events are very similar, and will offer the chance to catch new pokémon and challenges.

What’s the Pokémon Go harvest festival?

The Pokémon harvest festival is an annual event between October 12 and October 17, where players can catch new and old pokémon, compete for Pokémon Showcases, and complete challenges.

This year, Smoliv, the Olive Pokémon, will make its Pokémon Go debut, and with 25 or 100 Smoliv Candy you can evolve it to Dolliv and Arboliva.

With the season changing into autumn, more leafy pokémon will appear more often during the event, like Pumpkaboo, Red Flower Flabébé, Exeggcute, and Wurmple.

There will also be research tasks and challenges to gain XP, Stardust, and lures.

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What’s Pokémon Go Halloween?

Pokémon Halloween is in two parts, with the first one running from October 19 to October 26, while the second part runs from October 26 to October 31.

Although the event schedule isn’t public yet, based on previous Halloween events, we could see features like new Dark and Ghost pokémon, increased shiny odds, and, of course, more challenges.

Pokémon Halloween 2022 included pokémon like Gengar, Ninetales, and Pumpkaboo dressed up for the occasion. Last year’s event also saw Mega Banette debut in Pokémon Go, so another debut or two is likely.

Here’s an infographic for the Harvest Festival Field Research tasks featuring Smoliv, Burmy and Pumpkaboo! #PokemonGO 🔍🫒 — The Poke GO Hunter (@thepokegohunter) October 12, 2023

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