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Twitch streamer loses his teaching job when the school discovers his secret

Twitch streamer loses his teaching job when the school discovers his secret
Twitch streamer BlueSquadron lost his job because the school discovered his stream (Picture: Twitch)

A high school teacher and streamer says he was fired after a former guild member revealed his stream to the school.

Popular streamer BlueSquadron has been the centre of attention on social media , after losing his teaching job when a former teammate sent clips of his channel to the school.

He reportedly had a falling out with a guild member in Black Desert Online, a guild he’s no longer a part of, despite being with them for four years.

During a recent stream and on social media, BlueSquadron laid out the details of how it all went down and why he’s not surprised he was sacked.

BlueSquadron told his viewers on Twitch:

‘I got fired today from my teaching job. At the end of the day I got called into the office and the principal said: ‘Blue, I tried, but they’re making a stink about it.’

He went on to say that he knew it was only a matter of time before he’d lose his job once they knew about his stream. but not because his channel is overly explicit.

In a Reddit post , he explained how a sexist gaming community doesn’t go well with being a teacher.

‘I don’t do any sort of even remotely NSFW [not safe for work] content on my platform. I do however stream a game and the gaming community is, let’s be honest, incredibly sexist and objectifies women in a lot of ways. If I make any sort of remark, comment, or even look at a character in a video game in a sexual light, it isn’t necessarily appropriate for highschoolers.’

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BlueSquadron also said I’d be impossible to upkeep professionalism as a teacher now that everyone knows he’s a streamer:

‘Also understand that there is a sense of professionalism and respect that is required in the classroom to be a teacher. When students are able to see you cussing belligerently at degenerates online that sense of professionalism is gone and so is the respect. To be clear, at no point did any of that interfere with any of my classroom duties or responsibilities. Until about 3 days ago no one had any idea I was a content creator.

‘Once the two worlds collided however, it was doomed. Parents will just complain too much and then I would be trying to censor EVERYTHING to a G rated level which simply is not possible in the gaming space.’

He went on to say he still loves the school and that he’ll now double-down on content creation. You can read the full Reddit post below.

Comment by u/caiprime from discussion in LivestreamFail

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