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Wristwatch Dealer Sues Tropicana and Uber for $1M Theft

A man who was allegedly brutally attacked and had his possessions worth $1 million stolen after attending the International Watch and Jewelry Guild expo filed a lawsuit earlier this week against the transportation giant, Uber , Tropicana Las Vegas , along with other defendants. The incident dates back to October 19, 2021 , when Raimond Irimescu , a distributor of watches, attended the event but upon leaving was attacked by a group of criminals that robbed him and harmed him.

As announced by the Las Vegas Review-Journal , the victim filed a lawsuit with District Court on Monday. Irimescu’s lawsuit is against Uber, an Uber driver with the initials R.S., one of Uber’s subsidiaries, Raiser LLC, several unnamed defendants, as well as the Tropicana Las Vegas. In his lawsuit, the victim alleges the Las Vegas Strip hotel was unable to ensure his safety . Moreover, Irimescu claimed that the hotel casino wasn’t able to provide the necessary security during the watch and jewelry expo and failed to establish the required security protocols .

On the other hand, the lawsuit claims that Raiser and Uber were not able to establish a safe environment for the victim , something which was described as their duty. Additionally, the two companies allegedly were not able to identify the possible risks, claims the lawsuit. Lastly, Irimescu’s lawsuit claimed that Uber did not check its drivers’ backgrounds properly and failed to provide proper training.

The Man Was Brutally Attacked and Robbed

As noted, the lawsuit comes after an alleged attack against Irimescu dating back to October 2021. After attending the International Watch and Jewelry Guild expo at the time, the man requested an Uber to pick him up. While he was sitting inside the vehicle, allegedly two other cars, a gray SUV and a white minivan, completely blocked the Uber car .

Then, allegedly, four people with masks broke the windows of the Uber car where Irimescu was sitting. The attackers brutally assaulted the victim, allegedly inflicting disabling injuries . The perpetrators also stole Irimescu’s backpack along with two luggage pieces. According to the lawsuit, the stolen personal items were valued at $1 million . The legal claim describes that due to the attack, the dealer of watches wasn’t able to work, resulting in monetary losses and expenses related to medical care.

Elsewhere, police in Pennsylvania is searching for a man who is believed to have scammed a store with fake skill gaming vouchers . Overall, the person was allegedly able to rip off the store with some $4,000 and he is now wanted by the police. always shares this Contents with License.

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