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GTA 6 shadow drop rumoured as Australia gives game a 15+ age rating

GTA 6 shadow drop rumoured as Australia gives game a 15+ age rating
Is this real life? (Picture: Australian Classification)

Something very strange is going on in the world of GTA 6 rumours, as the game gets an age rating that usually means the launch is imminent.

We have to admit, we don’t for a moment believe this new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumour, and yet we’re at a loss as to how to disprove it. Rather than some random fan or leaker the source is the official website of the Australian age rating board, and it somehow has multiple listings for the game.

Our best guess is that the website has been hacked, as even passing it off as a mistake doesn’t make any sense, as no one accidentally types in Grand Theft Auto 6 as the name of a game.

And yet there it is, bold as brass, which is very, very strange given that video games usually only appear on age rating website months, or sometimes only weeks, before their release.

As if that wasn’t strange enough the game has been given a MA 15+ rating and not the maximum MA 18+, despite it being described as including ‘ Strong Sex Scenes’ and ‘Strong Drug Use.’

Despite what you might imagine, Australia has some of the strictest censorship guidelines in the Western world and until recently regularly banned any games featuring drug use, sex, or excessive violence.

The game was supposedly submitted to the age rating board on April 2 and you can see the listing here . There’s also a second listing with the same information, that was submitted a few days earlier on March 29, and, as if that wasn’t enough, listings for Grand Theft Auto 6 Online and a Grand Theft Auto 6 beta .

It must be a mistake or fake of some kind, as while stranger things have probably happened, than a GTA 6 shadow drop in the middle of the Christmas games rush, we can’t think of any offhand.

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Fans were hoping for the first teaser trailer this month though, so perhaps one explanation could be that that’s what this is – and it’s been mistakenly listed as the game itself.

However, we don’t see any other examples of listings for trailers on the website and that doesn’t really explain the listing for a beta.

If the game suddenly does launch out of nowhere in the next couple of weeks though, at least you can thank the Australian government for a bit of advance warning.

Surely Rockstar isn’t planning a surprise release? (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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