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Counter-Strike 2 is now the worst rated Valve game ever

Counter-Strike 2 is now the worst rated Valve game ever
Counter Strike 2 is out – with some differences (Picture: Counter Strike)

Valve’s remake of the classic shooter has seen a sharp influx of negative reviews on Steam since launch.

Since the release of Counter-Strike 2 – after 11 years with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players have flocked to Steam to review the new, ever so slightly different version of the game.

Valve promised that the sequel/remake would usher in a ‘a new era of Counter-Strike’ and ‘the largest technical leap forward’ in the franchise’s history , with a new game engine, reimagined visuals, and new smoke effects.

But a lot of people haven’t been as accepting of the new changes as Valve might’ve hoped, and it shows in the reviews.

Counter-Strike 2 is now categorised as ‘Mixed’ under its Recent Reviews tab, which is the first time any Valve game has been rated that low.

Other Valve games like Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2 boasts recent reviews ranging from ‘Very positive’ to ‘Overwhelmingly positive’.

It’s getting worse too, as ever since Counter-Strike 2 launched on September 27, the number of negative reviews has sky-rocketed.

On September 28 Counter-Strike 2 received 9,991 negative reviews on Steam. While the game received 11,658 positive reviews on the same day, the increase in negative reviews compared to normal is significant.

Counter-Strike 2 is getting both good and bad reviews. (Picture: Steam)

Some players are complaining about having a game they once paid for be forcefully replaced with a game they didn’t ask for. Others are complaining about it being unplayable on Mac or calling it ‘a failed attempt to modernise the game’.

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‘The vibrant and cartoony aesthetic clashes with the gritty and realistic atmosphere that CS:GO was known for. It feels like a departure from the game’s roots, and not in a good way,’ says a user on Steam named Babe.

‘CS:GO 2’s latest update feels like a misguided attempt to modernize a classic game,’

Another negative review, by ThoughtSpiral, says: ‘I get most of the reasoning behind most of it, but where’s War Games, why cut off all the three players who are on Mac, why kill CS:GO before CS2 is actually ready for tourney level play. What is going on?’

Change can be uncomfortable and that could be a part of the influx of negative reviews, especially as Counter-Strike 2 is still receiving more positive reviews than negative ones.

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