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Ninja calls COD players ‘disgusting and mentally abused’

Ninja calls COD players ‘disgusting and mentally abused’
Ninja is not a COD fan.

The Fortnite streamer has gone on a major rant as he predicts how the new Modern Warfare 3 reboot will be received.

During a recent stream, Ninja got into a discussion about the new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which has already caused controversy over whether it’s a real sequel or just repurposed DLC .

Strangely, Ninja didn’t seem to be aware of that issue though and instead just laid into what he sees as a gullible fan base.

He’s done that before but this time he really went off the deep end, complaining about ‘disgusting, mentally abused players’ that are falling for the Call Of Duty hype.

In a two minute long rant Ninja goes off on what he believes is a gullible fan base, saying:

‘I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the new COD is going to be riddled with glitches and cheaters when it launches, and it’ll take them months to fix one issue.

‘But guess what, the gunplay and mobility is still going to be good, that you disgusting, mentally abused players are going to fall for it. You’re going to keep playing it.’

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Ninja then predicts how he thinks Call Of Duty players will receive the new game, partly in a voice meant to sound like a petulant pre-teen, saying:

‘Then they’re going to come up with some more Attack on Titan skins and you’re going to keep playing the game. Eight months go by, viewership is going to be dead, you’re going to be playing any other game under the sun, and then the trailer comes out for the next one, and you’ll say, ‘Bro, this is it, dude. This trailer is so good. I swear they know what they’re doing. They’ve learnt from their mistakes.’

Ninja is known for his hyperbolic takes from time to time, and this is a harsh one, but it’s odd that he doesn’t even seem to be aware of the game’s key controversy.

He’s right about the cheaters though, which were already spotted in the beta, although so far bugs and glitches don’t seem to have been a major issue.

Ninja roasting “mentally abused” Call of Duty fans was what I needed today — Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) October 10, 2023

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