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Games Inbox: PS5 Slim improvements, the next Zelda, and Silent Hill 2 Director’s Cut

Games Inbox: PS5 Slim improvements, the next Zelda, and Silent Hill 2 Director’s Cut
Has it changed enough for you? (Picture: Sony)

The Wednesday letters page discusses the economics of keeping video games versus selling them, as one reader asks for F1 racing wheel advice.

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Beauty contest I’m going to assume I’m not only one thinking this, but wasn’t there something a bit weird about the new PlayStation 5 models? Not only were they not ‘slim’ but they were actually uglier than the originals, which is some achievement.

Maybe they’re a few milometers thinner, and smaller overall, but they look like pretty much the same proportions to me, i.e. really bad. The way the disc drive bulges out on the standard version looks horrible and that cut they’ve made through the middle of it? It just looks like someone dropped it and the outer shell cracked.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my PlayStation 5, or rather the games I play on it, but it’s so ugly it makes the American SNES look like a work of art by comparison. This was the perfect excuse to completely redesign the thing, which is exactly what Sony has done in previous generations, and they completely fluffed it.

Oh, and a boring blog post announcement again, nice. When Nintendo are running rings round you in terms of marketing – merely in terms of effort, let alone anything else – you know something’s gone wrong. Tolly

Back to work I don’t think there was ever any question as to whether Nintendo would make a new world for their next Zelda game. The circumstances behind Tears Of The Kingdom were very specific and unlikely ever to repeated again.

I do like that they already seem to have started thinking about, and perhaps even planning the next game. After such amazing success the director and producer could’ve retired, let alone taken a year off or something, but here they are just back at the coalface.

You can tell these games are made with a lot of love but little things like that illustrate it as well. Whatever they make next I will be there no matter what. They’ve earned complete loyalty from me as a customer. Egberttoma

Busy year I too make a list of complete games, started back in 2018 – can’t remember specifically why.

Here’s my list of 17 games for 2023: Limbo, Sonic Frontiers, The Callisto Protocol, GoldenEye 007, Gotham Knights, Perfect Dark (N64), God Of War Ragnarök, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Metroid Prime Remastered, Resident Evil 4 remake, Redfall, Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Atomic Heart, Hi-Fi Rush, Titanfall 2, Super Mario 3D World, and Dead island 2.

2020 was my busiest year, with 27 games completed. For obvious reasons I had a bit more spare time. 2021 saw a lull with just eight. Ranny2011

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Extremely satisfying RE: The discussion on old fart gamers. I too am approaching a ripe old age and, like ameisa said, I always chose the hardest difficulty on games. Take Pillars Of Eternity 2 as my finest example, I have beaten it on Path of the Damned + hardcore (permadeath) a number of times. The thing is, if I play a co-op type or twitch shooter I get steam-rolled regularly.

Path of the Damned difficulty on that game is an example of a developer understanding the situation perfectly. The difficulty level before it (Veteran) I could bludgeon my way through fights, using pretty much the skills I wanted, when I wanted, with a little care. But Path of the Damned means you have to carefully manage everything, and use empower at the right time (never used it on Veteran).

It basically tests whether you have a deep understanding of the mechanics of the game and that’s what it’s all about, I suppose. Path Of The Damned made me get good at the game, made me learn it at a level I would not have achieved otherwise. Extreme difficulty on games is a challenge, how well do you know this stuff? Some games I walk away triumphant, others utterly broken and defeated, a gibbering wreck.

I’m envious that you can wallow in your glory to the pupils at your school. My glorious achievements on Pillars Of Eternity 2 hold no truck with my wife, that’s for sure. If I ever spoke about it at work, it would get nary a flicker of response, even from gamer colleagues.

But sit me down for a game of Call Of Duty with my teenage son, I would be on the floor before I ever even saw him. Every time. Hopelessly trying to re spawn quickly so as to put an end to his killcam humiliation behaviour. Rinsen, repeat.

So the point of my letter is, I too am good, at certain games, and that’s an end of it. r-s-w

Wheel question Morning all. Am looking for some assistance from the GC community on behalf of some friends, if I may. Their son has a PlayStation 5 and is Formula 1 mad, so they are looking to get him a steering wheel and pedals for his 14th birthday. They came to me for help but it’s not really my thing, so… any information, advice, or recommendations would be gratefully received.

I’ve done a bit of googling and all of the obvious options seem to be fairly well reviewed (the Logitech G923 would seem to me to be the default choice) but I was just wondering if anyone has any personal experience that may be more insightful, with regard to the official F1 game in particular.

Am not sure as to their budget, although I don’t imagine they’re talking about a full-on simulator type set-up! But it would definitely be good to know whether you continue to get what you pay for as the costs go up. They were also interested to know whether these things tend to be wireless or not and if that makes any difference to how well they work. Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer (and apologies if this has come up recently!). rich_c

GC: You can’t usually go wrong with a Logitech wheel but we’re sure there are readers that have more detailed advice.

Bygone era So I’ve bit the proverbial bullet and purchased a PlayStation 2, complete with a needed HDMI adapter and a copy of a rare title, that costs quite a bit nowadays: Silent Hill 2 Director’s Cut. I’ll admit I was lucky to be able to acquire it, for cheaper than it goes for nowadays. I forked out £35, for a title that goes for over £50. Which brings me to my next point.

I see titles such as Rule Of Rose, Kuon, Haunting Ground, Silent Hill, Project Zero 1 to 3 and it reminds me that PlayStation 2 was and still is unmatched as far as it’s horror library goes. For myself, if I had to name one title, that matches what vintage survival horror used to be and hardens back to those golden days, it’s a title that today doesn’t exist: P.T.

It was a demo, at its core, but I consider it the scariest modern horror experience I’ve had in years. Anyone can refer a title, such as Outlast, to be terrifying but that’s dependant on a repetitive formula of chase sequences and hide and seek. No wonder the second game disappointed. It wasn’t how it used to be.

Project Zero did something different as well. You had to face your fears, running away only caused you pain and suffering. That’s why I’m excited to revise those vintage days and experience the titles I wasn’t able to as a kid. On a final note, if only Rule Of Rose and Kuon didn’t cost a small fortune. Shahzaib Sadiq

GC: It’s because back then not only was survival horror still a new concept but the games were relatively cheap to make, so it didn’t matter that the audience was smaller than for regular titles.

At least a remake is coming (Picture: Shahzaib Sadiq)

Disruptive marketing So I guess technically we could be just days away from a GTA 6 teaser drop, since this month probably is the most likely time for it to happen in what’s left of this year. I’d laugh if Rockstar drop it on the 20th, just when Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder come out.

That seems to me like the sort of thing they’d do, and laugh about it afterwards. Imagine the biggest story of that day not being the two biggest of the year but one that probably won’t be out till 2025. Grackle

More: Trending The video games industry is broken and will not survive for long - Reader’s Feature All the best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 video game offers for PS5, Xbox and Switch A 17 hour Spider-Man 2 is not worth the money and I won’t buy it day one

Expensive collection I find this discussion about the length of games (and Spider-Man 2 in particular) rather strange. The letter by Lonnie said, ‘Personally, I’ll be looking to buy it straight away and then selling it straight away.’ Almost implying that playing the game is some sort of chore or obligation.

Does nobody else want to keep their games? If Spider-Man 2 is about 20 hours in length but is a cracker, isn’t it possible that you’ll want to play it again in a year, in five years, in 10 years?

Another reader spoke about how they are currently replaying Super Mairo Galaxy 2, which is now 13 years old. I’m currently replaying my 20-year-old GameCube collection, which has been a lot of fun.

So my advice for game cost is this: buy games with high replayability, treasure them for years and play them again and again (as we had to as kids). You won’t feel ripped off ever again. Barry

GC: The clear implication was that if the game was beaten relatively quickly – since it’s rumoured to not be very long – it could be sold for something close to full price. Keeping games rather than reselling them is an expensive privilege.

Inbox also-rans There is a new Splatoon 3 triple pack amiibo set on Nintendo Store to pre-order. Make sure you order soon so you don’t miss out. Andrew J. Currently playing: The Expanse: A Telltale Series (PS5) – bought it on sale

If Lego did do a F-Zero set I promise I would buy it the instant it was released. The same for Star Fox and Metroid. All Nintendo’s coolest vehicle designs are in their second-tier franchises. Dolphin

This week’s Hot Topic The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Fennel, who asks whether you try to beat every game you play?

There’s been a lot of debate recently, over whether video games are getting too long or bloated, but do you always try to beat them, regardless of their length? What do you count as beating the game and are you happy to move on once you’ve completed the story or do you try and 100% it as well?

How often have you given up when playing a game and what caused you to do so? What’s the shortest amount of time you played a game before giving up?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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