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The PS5 Slim is official and costs exactly the same as the original

The PS5 Slim is official and costs exactly the same as the original
It’ll be out in the US this November and launch everywhere else in the following months (Picture: Sony)

The new slimmer version of the PS5 will feature a detachable SSD, just as the rumours predicted.

It’s been rumoured for a long time and even subjected to video leaks , but Sony has finally admitted that it has a new slimmer model of the PlayStation 5 in the works.

Officially, it’s not labelled as the PS5 Slim… in fact, it doesn’t have a new name at all, but it’s most definitely lighter than the original model and comes with 1TB of storage space rather than the 825GB that the current model offers.

This applies to both the standard and digital versions of the console. However, neither are any cheaper than the original versions, as Sony lists their recommended retail prices as £479.99 and £389.99, respectively.

That’s because Sony intends for the PS5 Slim to become the standard for the console going forward. The moment the current model sells out, it won’t be restocked, and the slim variant will become the only option.

As for when the PS5 Slim launches, Sony has only confirmed a US launch date of November. Sony says it will roll out globally in the follow months, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll arrive in the UK before Christmas.

Buy a digital PS5 and the detachable disc drive and you save about £10 (Picture: Sony)

Another rumoured detail that’s been confirmed is that Sony will start selling a separate disc drive that you can attach to your digital PlayStation 5 in case you decide you do want to play physical games.

Again, the disc drive lacks a launch date, but it will cost £99.99. That plus a digital PlayStation 5 (slim or otherwise) comes to £489.98, making it £10 more expensive than just buying a standard PlayStation 5 with a built-in disc drive.

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Lastly, a new vertical stand compatible with every model of the PlayStation 5 will be sold separately for £24.99 at a later date.

For more information, you can check the PlayStation Blog announcement , since that’s how Sony seems to announce everything these days.

What do you think about the PS5’s new look? (Picture: Sony)

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