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GTA 6 map is even bigger than originally thought claim fans

GTA 6 map is even bigger than originally thought claim fans
AAA development does typically follow the ‘bigger is better’ strategy (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Amid a continued lack of GTA 6 news, fans are excited and worried about how big the map could be based on leaked information.

Throughout all of 2023, Grand Theft Auto fans have been feverishly waiting for Rockstar Games to properly show off Grand Theft Auto 6. Yet despite hints of the game launching as early as 2024 , Rockstar and publisher Take-Two have remained quiet.

When fans aren’t taking every little social media post about GTA Online to be a GTA 6 trailer tease (the latest theory is that one will drop this month ), they’re still poring over the leaked information from last year’s hacking incident in the hopes of figuring something new out.

Back then, someone was able to put together an early prediction of what GTA 6’s map will like , thanks to the leak, and following a new revision another fan has created a 1:1 size comparison with GTA 5 ’s map, that demonstrates just how big GTA 6 seems to be.

As a brief reminder, GTA 6 is believed to be taking he series back to Vice City, the setting from the 2002 game, which closely resembles the real-world location of Miami. By using a map of Miami and map coordinates included in the leak, fans were able to devise an approximation of what Vice City will look like in GTA 6.

Reddit user LivingSignificant555 has gone an extra step further and superimposed the most recent revision of the map over Los Santos, the setting of GTA 5.

They made a point of matching GTA 5’s map coordinates with GTA 6’s leaked coordinates and while both sport very different landmasses, it’s apparent that GTA 6’s is far bigger.

GTA V Map Size vs. GTA VI Map Size by u/LivingSignificant555 in GTA6

However, some fans, including LivingSignificant555, expect the map to be even bigger than the fan concept, since it’s based on incomplete information. None of the leaked footage featured a clear world border, aka the point where the game world ends and you can’t progress any further.

‘We still don’t know anything about where the north border is, so it can be larger. Also, there are mountains north so it could mean other states up north or a new version of a map border and not endless sea,’ says Dependent-Camp-7800 .

Independent-Wrap-853 believes the final map could be three times as big as GTA 5’s and be more comparable to the one seen in The Crew Motorfest , which depicted a scaled-down recreation of the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

‘The mountain ranges obstruct a huge part of the view, so we have no clue how the north of the map looks like, and how big it is. That said, it is big enough to have a mountain range present,’ they add.

DestinyUniverse1 argues that a map twice as big as GTA 5’s should be expected considering GTA 5 launched two console generations ago. (Don’t forget, it was originally a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game.)

‘In all honesty I’d want [the map to be three times as big] so that cars could be faster and there would be a point in using planes in story mode,’ they say. ‘But this seems more like [1.5 times as big) unfortunately. Tons of people will be disappointed if we wait this long and barely get a bigger map.’

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Others, meanwhile, share concerns about the map being too big for its own good. After all, a giant map’s no good if it’s not densely populated or lacks much to do in it.

‘Los Santos itself was very well detailed and alive but the rest of the map was really just empty desert and some mountains. GTA 4’s map was tiny compared to GTA 5 or even San Andreas but I never once felt like it was empty or deserted,’ says castiel182 .

‘I just hope they don’t sacrifice detail, depth, and density in exchange for sheer size and surface area because it definitely felt like that’s what they did going from the GTA 4 to GTA 5 map,’ says CalculatorOctavius .

GTA 5’s map was huge already, but some fans think it felt too empty in places (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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