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Caesars Offers Two Years of IDX Services to Compromised Data Victims

Several weeks ago, Caesars Entertainment was hit by hackers in a devastating cyberattack. The company was allegedly forced to pay millions to the hackers . However, customer data was compromised during the process, according to a Caesars SEC filing. Because of that, the casino giant will try to make up by offering two years of IDX identity theft protection services to its loyalty program members.

In mid-September, Caesars confirmed that the hackers stole important customer information, such as driver’s license numbers and social security numbers. As it turns out, the hackers stole this information through Caesars’ loyalty program database.

According to the latest reports, consumers’ names, ID numbers and birthdates may also have been stolen. However, there is no data to suggest that Caesars players’ passwords, credit card information and PINs have been compromised.

Fortunately, the stolen data has not been published or sold online yet, according to Caesars. The company is currently working on making sure that its customers are protected and will try to get the stolen data deleted, if possible.

In the meantime, the casino and hospitality juggernaut will increase its efforts to shield customers from harm by offering two years of IDX services for free to all loyalty program members whose data got compromised. IDX is America’s leading identity protection and will help affected customers feel more secure following the cyberattack.

Caesars Was Not the Only Victim of the Attacks

The attack on Caesars allegedly began in late August with hackers using social engineering to breach the company’s defenses.

According to experts, the cyberattack was initiated by the Scattered Spider and ALPHV groups, which are two notable cybercrime groups believed to be comprised of tech-savvy young people.

According to unconfirmed reports, Caesars Entertainment had to pay “tens of millions of dollars” to the hackers to make them cease their assault.

In the aftermath of the attack, concerned customers filed class-action lawsuits against Caesars, saying that it had failed to protect their personal information.

Caesars Entertainment was not the only victim of the cybercriminals. The hackers also initiated attacks on MGM Resorts and several more firms , according to Okta, an identity management specialist.

MGM Resorts got the worst of it and had to shut down many of its systems for days. In addition, the company was warned that its credit rating might be lowered because of the attacks, adding to MGM’s woes.

Elsewhere,, a leading iGaming and crypto casino website, was hit by North Korea-backed hackers, losing tens of millions in the process. always shares this Contents with License.

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