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Modern Warfare 3 to get Advanced Warfare weapons claim multiple sources

Modern Warfare 3 to get Advanced Warfare weapons claim multiple sources
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Sledgehammer clearly remembers Advanced Warfare, but will it ever make a full sequel? (Picture: Activision)

It’s belived that four Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare weapons will be added to Modern Warfare 3, but not until season 3.

It’s been nearly a whole decade since Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and while there are rumours of a sequel in 2025 , there’s no official sign of Activision or developer Sledgehammer Games ever making a follow-up.

Sledgehammer is currently busy handling this year’s entry, Modern Warfare 3, which is quite the diversion from its usual wheelhouse of World War 2 era games like Call Of Duty: Vanguard .

It’ll also need to focus on supporting Modern Warfare 3 with post-launch content for at least a year, until the 2024 game comes out, but new rumours say that Sledgehammer will throw Advanced Warfare fans a bone in the form of returning weapons.

This is according to Call Of Duty leaker el_bobberto on Twitter, who previously leaked Modern Warfare 3 info from a private test and correctly claimed that the game would feature no original maps, just remasters of maps from the 2009 Modern Warfare 2.

These returning weapons won’t be available from the start or even during the first season of content, but in season 3 according to el_bobberto. As for the weapons themselves, there’ll be four of them:

EM1 – an energy weapon that was also brought back for Vanguard

ASM1 – a submachine gun

Bal-27 – an assault rifle

MORS – a single-shot sniper rifle

Weapons from Advanced Warfare are currently set to return in Season 3 of #MWIII . The returning weapons are: – EM1 (JP32) – AMS1 (JP33) – BAL27 (JP34) – MORS (JP35) — bob. (@el_bobberto) October 7, 2023

Insider Gaming , another frequent and reliable source of Call Of Duty leaks, has backed up these claims. As a reminder, this is the same site that said this year’s game would be a new Modern Warfare sequel from Sledgehammer , long before Activision announced it.

While fans of Advanced Warfare will likely appreciate these weapon inclusions, there’s no guarantee that Sledgehammer will get to make a true follow-up down the line.

There were plans for a sequel at one point, but they were abandoned in favour of a World War 2 game since it was a ‘better opportunity.’ Although, after Vanguard’s less than stellar sales , it wouldn’t be surprising if Activision decided it would be better to shift Sledgehammer away from the World War 2 setting.

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For the time being, the 2024 Call Of Duty is expected to be another Black Ops game from Treyarch. This would make the 2025 entry an Infinity Ward project given how Activision rotates between its Call Of Duty studios – although that strict order has become disrupted in recent years.

This clashes with the rumour of Advanced Warfare 2 aiming for 2025 but if such a sequel is in the pipeline, perhaps it’ll simply be pushed back to 2026.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC on November 10.

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