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A 17 hour Spider-Man 2 is not worth the money and I won’t buy it day one – Reader’s Feature

A 17 hour Spider-Man 2 is not worth the money and I won’t buy it day one – Reader’s Feature
Spider-Man 2 – it’s not cheap (Picture: Sony)

A reader Is disappointed to find out the rumoured length of Spider-Man 2 and argues that publishers must change how games are priced.

Like many, I’m looking forward to Spider-Man 2 when it’s released in a few weeks’ time. I’ve been looking forward to it for months now, as the original is my favourite PlayStation 5 exclusive and I very much enjoyed Miles Morales as well. But there is a problem and if you’ve seen the news this week, I’m sure you already know what I mean. £70 or $70 is a lot of money and even for a game you’re looking forward to 17 hours worth of action is nowhere near worth it.

If you did miss the news, someone that seems to have got the game early reported that the main story can be beaten in 15 to 17 hours and that he managed to Platinum it in just 30 hours, which means essentially doing everything there is to do. Now, he may be exaggerating, or even lying, but what I didn’t realise is that Insomniac already admitted that the game would be around that, because it’s basically the same as the first game.

The obvious problem there, is that the original game was only £55/$55. That is a significant mark-up for the sequel and yet if anything the new game is smaller. I know there are plenty of excuses for why but at the end of the day it’s money and there’s no way I’ll be buying the game day one now.

This is a difficult subject and I’m not suggesting that anyone is trying to con anyone else. Games get more expensive to make every generation and here we see an example of them getting more expensive to buy between generations. The graphics are better on PlayStation 5 and that doesn’t come about at that press of a button – it requires hard graft and lots and lots of people working really hard.

And yet at the end of the day it’s still Spider-Man swinging around New York City and I’m sure there’s lots of reused art and gameplay from the first two games. That wouldn’t be a problem if all things were equal but when you’re being asked to pay more for a game that is doing a lot of the same things as its predecessor it becomes more of an ask.

So what’s the solution? For Spider-Man 2 it’s obvious: wait a few months till it’s cheap. I don’t want to wait, and have all the story spoiled but, let’s face it, that’s probably going to happen a week before it comes out anyway. It seems to happen with every new game recently, which is a problem in itself.

But what about other games in the future? Because this isn’t going to be an isolated case. For me the obvious answer is to make the games half as long and half the price, which is pretty much what Miles Morales was.

There was a story this week that God Of War is getting one of these ‘half-sequels’ and I think that’s a very good idea, especially if it means games come out twice as quickly as well.

Despite it all making perfect sense though I get the feeling that publishers won’t do it. Sony is the only one that really does and even then it just seems to be occasionally, when they need it for a specific reason.

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Instead, I think the general solution will be one that is already in practice with a lot of companies: bloat the game out with low quality quantity and try to provide value for money that way. The Ubisoft approach, in other words, which I cannot stand.

Going the other direction would not only make too much sense but it would involve major industry change and I just don’t think anyone is brave enough to rock the boat like that. And given the punishment for failure I guess I can understand that. But for me Spider-Man 2 is the point of no return and I’m not going to spend a penny more on a new game at that price.

By reader Douloop

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