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Only six people in the world are still playing Redfall on Steam

Only six people in the world are still playing Redfall on Steam
Redfall – apparently everyone did forget about it (Picture: Microsoft)

If you’d forgotten all about Xbox exclusive Redfall you’re not the only one, with the game’s PC player-base falling below double figures.

2023 has had its ups and down for Microsoft, with the Xbox Games Showcase being the obvious highlight and the release of Redfall being the nadir.

We’re not sure Arkane’s co-op shooter really deserved to be the focus of so much hatred, as while it wasn’t very good it also wasn’t particularly bad – not to the point where Xbox boss Phil Spencer had to publicly admit that he was ‘upset with myself’ over the game’s failings.

Since Redfall was so unremarkable it’s all largely been forgotten now, but you may be surprised at just how forgotten… with the total number of players on Steam now regularly dipping below double digits.

At time of writing only six people are playing the game and the peak number in the last 24 hours is 30, which is tragically awful.

Given its lifetime best is a pitiful 1,560 players it’s not that much of a surprise, but it does illustrate that when a major game fails it fails hard. There’s no way to tell how it’s faring on Xbox, but it seems reasonable to imagine not much better.

Although Redfall can be played in single-player all of its marketing was focused on the four-player co-op mode, which is now very hard to play since there’s so few people around to take part.

It’s the sort of failure that can often see the closure of studios, or at least mass redundancies, as has happened frequently in the last few weeks . Although Microsoft has so far insisted that will not be the fate of developer Arkane Austin .

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They haven’t officially announced a new game yet, but job listings suggest they’re working on a new single-player title, that’s hopefully closer to their more popular titles like Prey and Dishonored.

The job listing specifically asked for someone with ‘familiarity with single-player action role-playing games and immersive sims’, which is an encouraging sign.

Whatever the new game turns out to be, it will surely prove more popular than Redfall. At which point hopefully no one will ever ask Arkane to make a live service game again – which apparently they never wanted to do in the first place .

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