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Here’s What Makes Players Loyal To Online Gambling Sites

Sports bettors and online casino players comprise today’s iGaming market. As one might imagine anyone playing at online casinos and sportsbooks has different preferences than those visiting brick-and-mortar casinos.
A new report prepared for iGaming operators from Optimove sheds some light on the preferences of anyone using online casinos and sportsbooks. Some results may be surprising while others are more obvious.
The report is comprised of very active players. The vast majority, 85% , of those surveyed bet online at least once a week . More than one in three (34%) respondents bet online more than once a day.
This isn’t just a report on online sports betting tendencies. While 76% placed online sports bets, 70% gamble at online casinos.
What it takes to gain customer loyalty with online gambling platforms
According to the study, the number one reason people choose an online gambling site is for competitive odds. 40% of respondents said odds matter most when choosing an iGaming site.
While everyone likes bonuses that’s tied for the second-most reason for choosing an online gaming site. The report says that a user-friendly interface is equally as important as bonuses and promotions.
Surprisingly, only 7% said they chose a site based on the variety of games . Variety is the spice of life for many. Perhaps, those making more than $75,000 a year that were surveyed here are set in their ways once they turn 21.
When asked “What are the top three factors that make you loyal to an iGaming site?”, 58% said fast and reliable payments . It makes sense that players would want to risk money on a site where they can access their money after winning sessions.
Not coincidentally 58% also responded that they dislike and are frustrated by sites with slow payouts. The same percentage of respondents also said they’re frustrated bad a confusing platform.
Recommendations to improve the online gambling experience
The survey asked how online gambling websites can improve to keep players returning. The number one way to keep players happy is to make loading times faster . This was the answer chosen by 63% of respondents.
Half of the respondents said they want easier navigation and better mobile compatibility.
Those participating in the survey would like their favorite online gambling site to offer a cashout option .
Even though many want fast and easy payment and cashout options, only 42% said they want better options.
Most online sports bettors prefer individual bets
While this survey covers all iGaming from real-money online casinos to sportsbooks almost all respondents bet on sports. Only 4% who participated in this survey don’t bet on sports.
The Optimove report shows that sports bettors prefer betting while the games are on rather than before they start.
56% of respondents to the survey said they prefer live betting on games. Only 40% said they prefer betting on a game before it begins.
The trend of live betting sports took off after the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The newer online sportsbook operators have created fast and easy-to-use apps that make this kind of betting easier than the earlier sportsbook apps only available in Nevada.
While parlays are all the rage with sportsbook operators, this isn’t what respondents to this survey are looking for. 70% of those surveyed would rather make individual sports bets. Only 26% prefer parlays . The remaining 4% don’t bet on sports.
Almost half (49%) of the survey participants choose to bet on sports so they have “skin in the game.” Nearly as many, 48%, bet on sports to wager on their favorite player or team. The post Here’s What Makes Players Loyal To Online Gambling Sites appeared first on Play USA . always shares this Contents with License.

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