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CD Projekt sets timetable for Cyberpunk 2077 sequel as sales of original hit 25 million

CD Projekt sets timetable for Cyberpunk 2077 sequel as sales of original hit 25 million
Cyberpunk 2077 – there’s going to be more (pic: CD Projekt)

A live action project is being made based on Cyberpunk 2077, as the game completes its transformation form laughing stock to major hit.

The disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 will never be forgotten, but many have now forgiven publisher CD Projekt for their initial failure. The game’s still not entirely bug free but the recent paid-for DLC Phantom Liberty has been well received and it seems CD Projekt are keen to move on with both a sequel and a live action spin-off.

With multiple The Witcher games also underway it’s not at all clear when the sequel is going to be out, but according to CEO Adam Kiciński the original Cyberpunk 2077 has now sold 25 million copies, making it a very sizeable success.

‘The phenomenal Witcher 3 achieved a similar level in 4.5 years and here, a little bit over two years… we are selling far faster than we were selling the Witcher game,’ he said. The Witcher 3 sold 50 million copies overall and while it seems hard to imagine Cyberpunk 2077 beating that, Kiciński’s comments show it is possible.

That sort of success guarantees a sequel and CD Projekt has confirmed that what is currently known as Project Orion is ‘on a conceptual design level right now.’

The sequel will be designed by ‘a team of veterans’ responsible for fixing Cyberpunk 2077 and designing Phantom Liberty.

‘Late in 2024, we’re going to work with teams comprising several dozen people, while as a target, half of the developers are going to work out of northern US and the other half out of Poland,’ said chief creative officer Adam Badowski.

That all suggests a release date somewhere around the end of the decade, and certainly at least three or four years away.

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Although CD Projekt has already made it clear there’ll be no more paid-for DLC for the original game there will instead be a new live action project based on the game, although it’s not clear if it’ll be a movie or show (or interactive movie).

The anime Edgerunners has already proven very successful on Netflix, so CD Projekt probably found it quite easy to get funding for a live action follow-up.

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