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xQc claims Adept wanted millions to make family violence charges ‘go away’

xQc claims Adept wanted millions to make family violence charges ‘go away’
xQc tells his side of the story (Picture: Reddit)

The streamer says the charges against him by his ex-girlfriend have now been dropped by a grand jury.

The xQc and Adept saga has taken many nasty turns since the two streamers broke up last year but it now seems that the legal aspect of it has come to an end.

Leaked court documents, from YouTuber Henry Resillient , show that earlier this year Adept filed for a protective order against xQc, and that she accused him of family violence as well.

xQc has tip-toed around the issue for months during his streams but now that the case is closed, he’s revealed more details, from his perspective.

While addressing his viewers, xQc said :

‘This (case) went to a grand jury and the holding got no-billed, which means there was no probable cause to continue further and it stops right there. There’s no warrant, no arrest. Yes, there was a detective. I talked to the detective for hours.’

‘The conclusion in the end was that it (the charge) didn’t meet the burden of proof and a protection order against me wouldn’t be granted.’

xQc said he was accused of family violence, which is corroborated by the leaked court documents.

Family violence is described by the US Office Of Justice Programs as, ‘a broad range of abusive acts, including emotional, financial, physical, and sexual abuse. Family violence not only harms the victim but also presents dangers for immediate family members.’

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Adept filed a protective order against xQc earlier this year, which xQc also commented on:

‘There was an application made by the other party for a protective order against me, because I had committed family violence. The claims were extremely outrageous, unfounded, untrue, didn’t happen, and they were so far out that I didn’t even know what I was reading.’

Although he didn’t specify exactly what she accused him of, he said, ‘It’s possibly one of the worst things you can do to somebody.’

xQc also claimed that Adept had asked for a large amount of money in a settlement offer, saying: ‘The story that was in the settlement was we were asked for a sizeable amount of millions of dollars for it to ‘go away’.’

Adept hasn’t responded to what xQc has said about the court case, but she streamed on Wednesday and got banned by Twitch.

We have contacted both for statements and are waiting for a reply.

xQc is going for JUSTICE (counter suing Adept) 😎 — xqc reviews (@xQcReviews) October 4, 2023

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