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KSA Vows to Fund Three Responsible Gambling Initiatives

The Netherlands Gambling Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), tasked with regulating gambling activities in the country, announced funding for three initiatives that seek to raise awareness about problem gambling and gambling addiction . Currently, the KSA manages Verslavingspreventiefonds (VPF), the country’s Addiction Prevention Fund. The vital grants from the KSA will be funded through the VPF, assisting three organizations in reducing problem gambling , helping identify people addicted to gambling and providing vital support.

The VPF was developed several years ago, in 2021 and it is financed by an additional gambling levy that applies to gambling operators offering high-risk games of chance. In addition to financing the VPF, the KSA constantly collaborates with authorities , including the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport, as well as the Ministry of Justice and Security, to ensure funds are properly dedicated to relevant initiatives.

The announcement about the funding of three responsible gaming programs comes after earlier this week, the KSA released the details of a new study that probed into the duty of care of gambling operators . The study uncovered that more needs to be done by operators to protect problem gamblers and at-risk gamblers. Additionally, the KSA said that operators needed to do more to help identify early signs of problem gambling, criticizing the current approach as being too one-sided. As a result, the Authority said that it would update its Responsible Gaming Policies .

Three Initiatives to Benefit from Funding

One of the initiatives that will receive funding from VPF is Gelfit . The service delivers vital education to people on how to spend their money and remain in control of their funds . Given that gambling addiction or at-risk gambling may have tough financial consequences, Gelfit teaches people how they can regain control of their funds.

At the same time, the initiative raises awareness of the risks associated with gambling activities . In cases where people need treatment for gambling addiction or harm, Gelfit helps them get the help they need.

Another initiative that will be funded through the VPF is a program called Bright at School , developed by the Trimbos Institute . This program seeks to prevent addiction such as drinking, smoking, as well as gambling . Ultimately, the initiative encourages young people to make the right choices, while helping identify risky behavior. With the additional funding, the Trimbos Institute will help develop programs that help identify risk or problem gambling behavior in young adults .

When the Netherlands opened its online gambling market, the addiction agency Jellinek helped create a digital training program that teaches experts in different fields about the dangers of online gambling and how to spot problematic behavior. Given that this digital training program hasn’t been funded since, it will not benefit from the additional VPF grant . The additional funding will help Jellinek develop more learning materials that help with spotting problem gambling and recognizing addiction. always shares this Contents with License.

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