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Star Wars: Dark Forces and Turok 3 remasters coming soon from Nightdive Studios

Star Wars: Dark Forces and Turok 3 remasters coming soon from Nightdive Studios
Star Wars: Dark Forces – the Force is strong with Nightdive (Picture: Nightdive Studios)

Rumours of a remaster of Dark Forces have been proven true, although Nightdive has another surprise in the form of N64 shooter Turok 3.

Dark Forces has been mentioned too many times in recent months, for news of a remaster to be a complete surprise, with the producer of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor saying he wants a remake and comparing Respawn’s currently unnamed new project to the classic first person shooter.

Now it’s been confirmed, with the talented Nightdive Studios announcing that their remaster will be out later this year, with support for 4K and 120fps, plus ‘advanced 3D rendering’, modern gamepad support, and trophies and achievements.

Not only that, but they’ve also announced a remaster of the considerably less beloved Turok 3, the final part of the dinosaur hunting trilogy on the N64 and traditionally the one that nobody has ever played.

Dark Forces is the first entry in what later became known as the Jedi Knight franchise, it was a Doom clone released in 1995 for the PC and a year later for PlayStation.

It still used 2D sprites for its characters but while its world wasn’t fully 3D, like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake, it pushed the technology to its limits, with the ability to look up and down, a lot more verticality in its level design, and relatively complex lighting.

Unlike Doom and most of its contemporaries, it also had a proper story, with cut scenes that will be revamped for the remasters (knowing Nightdive you’ll still be able to see the old school pixel art ones if you want).

Although the game starts out with protagonist Kyle Katarn stealing the plans to the first Death Star, which was made non-canon by the movie Rogue One, the main plot of the game involves the creation of the robotic Darktroopers, which were used extensively in season two of The Mandarlorian.

Whether Kyle himself will ever become canon again remains to be seen but Dark Forces is an important bit of first person shooter history and deserves a good quality remaster – something Nightdive is almost certain to deliver, considering their sterling work on the recent Quake 2 remaster .

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Not everything Nightdive tackles is a full-blown classic and despite how influential the first two games were, Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion was roundly ignored by everyone when it was first released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64.

That was in part because it was far too ambitious for the console, with a very poor frame rate and graphics that often looked worse than the previous titles.

Perhaps Nightdive’s magic can find some worth in it, although unlike Dark Forces, which is due out later this year on all formats, there’s no date at all for Turok 3.

As ever with these sorts of remasters, the question is whether they’re a prelude to a new game. Respawn has already implied their new first person shooter will take heavy influence from Dark Forces, even if it’s not a direct sequel, but so far there’s been no hint of a new Turok game.

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