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Rockstar has a new Red Dead Redemption logo hidden on their website

Rockstar has a new Red Dead Redemption logo hidden on their website
Red Dead Redemption – it can’t be long now (pic: Rockstar Games)

Those rumours about a Red Dead Redemption 1 remaster seem to be on the money, with more evidence pointing to a 2023 release.

Most fans may be waiting for a GTA 6 reveal, but they better hold their horses, as it’s almost certain that the first announcement from Rockstar Games this year will be about a Red Dead Redemption 1 remaster.

A remaster (or remake – the two words are used so randomly, it’s hard to tell what people mean) has been talked about for years, but in recent months there’s been a steady stream of more specific rumours, enough for the director of Alan Wake 2 to plead with Rockstar not to release it at the same time as his game.

There’s also been talk of a GTA 4 remaster but while there’s neve been any evidence for that, Red Dead Redemption now seems near certain, as the logo above has been discovered on the Rockstar website.

The filename is RDR1RSP, which seems to stand for Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver) – branding which will bring it in line with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Frustratingly, there’s no mention of it being a remaster, so this isn’t complete confirmation, but fans have also noticed that Rockstar Social Club trophies for the game have recently been remastered, which certainly fits in with the idea that an official announcement is imminent.

Full disclosure seems to be imminent (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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While the remaster now looks almost certain there’s still no clue as to what it will actually change, especially given the disaster that was GTA: The Trilogy .

Some images did appear online recently, that seemed to show the game being remade using the same graphics as Red Dead Redemption 2, but that would be a lot of work and most seem to agree they were fake.

Which means we really need that official reveal as soon as possible…

Rockstar’s new site update, live an hour ago, added a new reference within the games list. “Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver)” Codename: – RDR1RSP (RDR1 Remaster SP?) New logo below #reddeadredemption — Tez2 (@TezFunz2) July 27, 2023

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