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Horizon games are never going to end ‘for a very long while’ warns dev

Horizon games are never going to end ‘for a very long while’ warns dev
Horizon Forbidden West – the tip of the iceberg (Picture: Sony)

Guerilla Games has 16 separate ‘plans’ for the expansion of the Horizon series, as they reveal the franchise is not going anywhere.

If you thought Assassin’s Creed having 11 (or more) games in development was the exception rather than the rule for a big franchise, consider the fact that Guerilla Games has 16 separate ideas it wants to work on for the Horizon series .

It was keen to emphasise that this didn’t mean 16 individual games – so some might be DLC or different modes or elements in the same title – but, well… that sure is a lot of Horizon.

We know for a fact they’re working on a third mainline entry at the moment, plus some kind of multiplayer game that may or may not be a live service title. An MMO has also been rumoured but never confirmed.

There’s also a television series on the way (which sounds like it would be hugely expensive to make), which probably counts as one of the plans, but that still leaves a lot of unknowns.

Speaking at the Develop: Brighton event, Guerilla Games studio director Jan-Bart van Beek said that ‘We’re going to be continuing it for a very long while.’

He did refer to the multiplayer game, which is believed to have a more cartoonish art style than the main titles, but offered no real detail, other than describing it as ‘a two-player experience.’

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It seems like he was only referring to a specific co-op mode though and that there will be larger scale competitive modes as well.

That’ll probably be the next game to be revealed in detail, rather than the mainline sequel, but at this rate it’s going to be Horizon games all the way down.

For most studios that would mean not being able to work on anything else for potentially decades, but Guerilla Games is exceptionally large, even for a first party developer, and theoretically could work on other IP at the same time.

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