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Left 4 Dead 3 is probably not happening warns lead writer

Left 4 Dead 3 is probably not happening warns lead writer
Left 4 Dead – the original game was a frequent ‘testbed’ for similar titles within Valve (pic: Valve)

Datamined references to a new Left 4 Dead game are not what they seem says series writer Chet Faliszek.

There have been rumours of a Left 4 Dead 3 as far back as 2013 , yet Valve has never talked about it publicly or given any official indication it might exist.

Following the official announcement of Counter-Strike 2, what seemed to be evidence of Left 4 Dead 3 was spotted within that game’s files . With Valve returning to the Half-Life series with Half-Life: Alyx , there were renewed hopes that Left 4 Dead would follow suit.

However, Chet Faliszek, who wrote for both Left 4 Dead games and several other Valve titles, suggests this is smoke with no fire and that the supposed Left 4 Dead 3 leaks aren’t what fans hope they are.

Speaking in a new interview on The VŌC Podcast, Faliszek was asked about the Left 4 Dead 3 leaks and rumours.

It must be noted that Faliszek left Valve in 2017, so he’s not going to know exactly what Valve is doing now. However, while he doesn’t pick out any specific rumours or leaks, he does suggest that none of them can be considered evidence that proves a new Left 4 Dead is in development.

Instead, he suggests that any Left 4 Dead 3 references are for completely separate projects since Left 4 Dead was used as a ‘testbed’ for other potential multiplayer titles. You can hear his comments from the 28:55 mark.

‘I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about but in general, as we were working on Source 2, we often used Left 4 Dead as the ‘testbed,’’ he explains. ‘So you may see things that came out of there that were really more a testbed than, ‘Hey, we’re making a new Left 4 Dead.’

‘With everything at Valve, there’s a bunch of stuff happening in the background, things are being tried and whatnot. But Left 4 Dead is a good base to try things on because it’s a multiplayer game. So you’re gonna exercise that muscle, it’s co-op, you’re working together.’

He also admits that had he remained with Valve, it never would’ve been up to him if Left 4 Dead 3 was made, since it’s ‘Valve’s game, not mine.’

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As for what games Valve is working on, that’s a mystery to everyone but Valve. Aside from Counter-Strike 2 , which is due this summer, no other projects have been formally announced.

There are rumours of a Half-Life: Alyx sequel and a Half-Life spin-off called Citadel , which is described as a cross between a first person shooter and a real-time strategy game, but Valve has never commented on either.

This is the first real Counter-Strike sequel in over 10 years (pic: Valve)

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