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Forza Motorsport copying Gran Turismo 7’s mandatory online connection

Forza Motorsport copying Gran Turismo 7’s mandatory online connection
Forza Motorsport – is this an instant turn-off for you or will you be buying Forza Motorsport regardless? (Picture: Microsoft)

In an extensive look at Forza Motorsport’s single player mode, Turn 10 Studios admits it requires you always be connected to the Internet.

After sharing an October launch date for Forza Motorsport at the Xbox Games Showcase , Turn 10 Studios held a more in-depth presentation via one of its Forza Monthly streams.

While the stream ran for two hours, the focus was on the game’s single player Builders Cup career mode, where creative director Chris Esaki explained how you’ll build your cars to progress through its various playlists.

However, he also dropped the unfortunate news that all progression within the game, including single player, is tied to the online servers, which means it requires a constant Internet connection.

Esaki does stress that there will be modes that will be available while offline, such as free play, but that doesn’t change the fact that Forza Motorsport’s core single player experience will only work so long as you’re online.

‘The game has been designed to easily adjust and add new content over time, and that’s really to ensure a fair and secure experience anywhere in the game,’ says Esaki (his comments can be heard from the 22:28 mark).

‘So any progression in the game will be stored on our servers for the integrity of the overall gameplay experience. And there are options for playing offline so things like free play is always available. But any progression requires an online connection.’

Mandatory online connections for games with single player options have started to become more common, but they also remain very unpopular among audiences.

Gran Turismo 7 , Sony’s own racing sim from last year, came under fire for the exact same thing, demanding an online presence even if you wanted to play the game on your own against computer-controlled opponents.

The same goes for Redfall , another Xbox console exclusive. Although primarily a co-op experience, developer Arkane assured that the whole game could be played solo and yet you still need to be connected online .

This isn’t ideal for those with less than stable Internet connections and there was enough of a backlash for Arkane to pledge to remove the mandatory online in the future.

Time will tell whether Turn 10 Studios will need to make the same promise, but the news is already at risk of turning off prospective players from buying Forza Motorsport.

I am concerned about Forza Motorsport. Visuals do not look as good as advertised. No ray tracing during gameplay on console (in the build shown). Always-online required for progression is a massive L. Hopefully things improve by launch. #ForzaMotorsport — Phantom Buster (@PhantomBusterV) June 13, 2023

Saw the career mode demo for the new Forza Motorsport. I do like what they’re going for with the shift to a live service model of delivering new campaign content but… live service model… always online… this is pretty much like Gran Turismo 7 and its Cafe menus — Sv (@sveldte) June 14, 2023

i was literally so excited for forza motorsport because UNLIKE gran turismo it’s not a predatory always-online single player game, only for the forza team to announce that it’s exactly like that and it’s gonna be just as aggressive — vie 🐞🦇 (@dragonliing) June 13, 2023

Forza Motorsport launches for Xbox Series X/S and PC on October 10.

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