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Zelda fans calculate Tears Of The Kingdom timeline is five years after Breath Of The Wild

Zelda fans calculate Tears Of The Kingdom timeline is five years after Breath Of The Wild
Link could be in his mid twenties (pic: Nintendo)

Zelda fans are convinced that Tears Of The Kingdom takes place roughly five years after Breath Of The Wild, based on the ages of multiple characters. 

Without a doubt, Hyrule has gone through a drastic makeover in Tears Of The Kingdom , compared to its depiction in Breath Of The Wild . 

However, it’s not just the kingdom that’s different; it’s also obvious that most of the characters you encountered in 2017 have grown up and matured, including Link and Zelda. 

Given Nintendo’s notorious reluctance to provide an exact timeline for Zelda games , all we know is that Tears Of The Kingdom takes place sometime after its predecessor. 

However, some dedicated Zelda fans now claim that they’ve cracked the code and figured out the exact number of years that have elapsed between the two most recent games. 

Twitter user DragonCatalyst pointed out that Mattison, the daughter of Gerudos Hudson and Rhondson from Breath Of The Wild, serves as a key marker for the time gap, since she was not present in the first game. 

While this player suggests a potential eight-year gap between the two games, other players have noted that Gerudos born outside Gerudo Town are usually brought there once they reach the age of four. 

Just found out TotK is meant to take place roughly 8 years after BOTW based on the age of Mattison (her parents got married in BOTW and now she’s 7). At first I thought TotK was just 2ish years later but now that I think about it that explains Purah and Tulin changing a lot. — 🌸 Day 🌸 (@DragonCatalyst) June 1, 2023

If Gerudos operate on a reproductive timeline similar to humans, then we can expect there to be roughly a five-year gap between Breath Of The Wild and Tears Of The Kingdom. 

While the exact age of Mattison isn’t mentioned in the game, the theory holds significant merit when considering the lore. 

However, Mattison is not the only evidence of the time gap. Tulin, one of Link’s trusted companions, appears in both games and has also visibly aged in Tears Of The Kingdom. 

Tulin’s age isn’t confirmed either, but comparing his current look with the one in Breath Of The Wild, makes the five year gap likely. 

Yep. This means he’s now the oldest Link we see even without counting the 100 year revival moment. — 🌸 Day 🌸 (@DragonCatalyst) June 1, 2023

Adding weight to this theory is the fact that Link can now freely savor alcoholic drinks in Gerudo Town, a privilege that was previously denied. 

While the legal drinking age in Zelda games is unknown, this serves as another clear indication of the characters in the game having matured. 

When it comes to Purah, her age or appearance can’t serve as reliable evidence for speculating the time gap between the two games. 

This is because she has used ancient Sheikah technology to manipulate her physical appearance and age, despite being chronologically 120 years old. 

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