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Capcom wants to know which Resident Evil remake you want next

Capcom wants to know which Resident Evil remake you want next
This is what the people really want (Picture: Capcom)

Anyone eager for a Code: Veronica remake can let Capcom know thanks to a new Resident Evil survey.

Given the continued success of the Resident Evil remakes, especially the recent Resident Evil 4 one , it’s a very safe bet that more of them are at least being talked about within Capcom.

In fact, Resident Evil 4 ’s ending is believed to be setting up a Resident Evil 5 remake , which would make sense as it’s the next chronological entry in the series.

Whether development has started on such a remake is anyone’s guess, but Capcom wants to hear directly from fans which entry should get the remake treatment next.

This comes from a new survey Capcom has put out to gauge overall interest in the franchise. Most of the questions are fairly uninteresting and ask typical things like which Resident Evil media you’re familiar with and if you follow any of the official social media accounts.

The juiciest part comes right at the end, with one section that simply reads, ‘Let us know if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade.’

There’s no guarantee that Capcom will actually deliver on remaking the most popular choice, but this is perhaps fans’ best opportunity to let the company know they want a Code: Veronica remake.

Resident Evil – Code: Veronica – a group of fans wanted to do their own remake but Capcom forced them to cancel it (Picture: Capcom)

As a reminder, Code: Veronica was initially a Dreamcast exclusive and is unofficially considered to be the true Resident Evil 3, with the game actually named that really only a spin-off from Resident Evil 2. Whereas the original Resident Evil 4 was already a near perfect game that arguably didn’t need remaking, Code: Veronica would benefit greatly since Capcom can tidy up its gameplay and fix certain story elements.

Plus, it is a necessary part of the overarching Resident Evil narrative (far more than Resident Evil 3), which is something Capcom seems to be interested in retelling with all these remake projects.

This survey could also be Capcom’s way of checking if there’s much demand for a Resident Evil 5 remake before it commits to the idea. With Resident Evil 4 less than three months old, Capcom’s next priority is probably something brand new like Resident Evil 9 rather than another remake.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the survey question is that it doesn’t provide a curated list; just a blank box for you to type your answer in. This means you have free rein to ask for remakes of entries like The Umbrella Chronicles, Dead Aim, or Outbreak if you’re feeling especially spicy.

We bet some fans will be very cheeky and put down Dino Crisis, which is frankly overdue for a remake and is essentially a Resident Evil game with dinosaurs instead of zombies and mutants.

You can fill out the survey yourself via this link .

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