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Adept says she’s been married to xQc for three years – warns of ‘sexual night terrors’

Adept says she’s been married to xQc for three years – warns of ‘sexual night terrors’
Adept didn’t hold back in her recent Twitch stream (pic: Twitch/Adept)

In an unexpected Twitch stream, Adept hinted she was married to xQc for three years, also revealing unsettling aspects of their relationship. 

Earlier this year, leaked divorce filings seemingly confirmed that the well-known Twitch streamers xQc and Adept were not just dating but actually married . 

These court documents, brought to light by YouTuber Henry Resilient, appeared to show that Samantha ‘Adept’ Lopez and Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s were first married in 2020. 

Then, in a recent stream, Adept seemed to confirm the speculated timeline by confirming that she was, in fact, married for a solid three years. 

She kicked off the conversation by dropping a bombshell, claiming, out of the blue, that ‘sexual night terrors are not a real thing’ and that ‘it’s very important to protect yourselves from anyone in your life that’d tell you that they’re suffering from sexual night terrors.’

It’s not clear exactly what she means by ‘sexual night terrors’ as the sleep disorder is traditionally associated only with feelings of fear or dread, with the person waking up suddenly, while still being half-asleep, and experiencing something similar to a panic attack.

Viewers immediately speculated that Adept’s comments were a reference to xQc’s well known ‘sleep issues.’  

Soon enough, the stream took a turn for the worse as she delved into her marriage with xQc, carefully tiptoeing around his name, most likely due to the ongoing legal proceedings. 

Adept repeatedly expressed her struggle to disclose the ‘truth’, despite viewers trying to get her to reveal all.

‘This is my wedding ring. That’s a truthful statement,’ Adept said while showing her ring to the camera. 

‘I didn’t purchase it for myself, that’s a truthful statement. This ring was purchased on May 8? I think we said, right? Wasn’t that the day of the receipt? And I didn’t buy it, that’s a truthful statement,’ the streamer went on. 

Adept then revealed her call history, which was filled with unknown callers on May 15. This was was not only the same day she posted an image of her ring on Instagram but also when xQc abruptly ended his Twitch stream without any explanation.

Giving the ongoing divorce it’s unlikely either will say anything more in public but it certainly seems as if they both have many more stories to tell, about a marriage that lasted for much longer than previously realised.

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