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Tears Of The Kingdom player creates catapult that goes all the way to the sky islands

Tears Of The Kingdom player creates catapult that goes all the way to the sky islands
Another wild invention to add to the list (pic: YouTube)

A Zelda player has created a special device that propels Link from the Depths all the way up to the sky islands in Tears Of The Kingdom. 

The introduction of four new abilities – Ultrahand, Fuse, Recall and Ascend – in Tears Of The Kingdom has sparked a host of clever in-game inventions , some of which the developers could never have imagined.

While Link’s trusty steeds and paraglider aid in exploring Hyrule, traversing the vast open world before unlocking all the shrines , skyview towers , and lightroots can be very time-consuming. 

However, one resourceful player has crafted a unique launching mechanism that can catapult Link to new heights, even if he’s stuck in the deepest part of the Depths. 

To create the launching device, the player combines planks and a cart, and activates Zonai batteries to ensure it’s going at full power. 

They rapidly rotate the plank, which is positioned on the device’s side, by using batteries and minecarts. Then, they activate the Recall ability, reversing the device’s flow and granting Link ample time to hop aboard. 

My new machine launches Link from the depths to the sky islands! by u/Paradox_Guardian in tearsofthekingdom

As Link mounts the platform, it swiftly propels him skyward from the depths, launching him amidst the sky island above.

To commemorate their aerial journey, the player even picks up a sundelion flower as a souvenir, as seen in the last few seconds of the video. 

Among Zelda fans, it has become a common practice to use Zonai devices in order to exploit various game mechanics and gain even more freedom in the game.  

While some use them to get rid of non-playable characters, by sending them soaring through the skies, others find joy in embarking on romantic airplane trips with Purah . 

If you’re itching to recreate any of the mind-blowing creations you’ve come across, you’re in luck. 

A fan-made website has popped up, offering a treasure trove of these creations along with step-by-step instructions on how to bring them to life.

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Read the full Article: Tears Of The Kingdom player creates catapult that goes all the way to the sky islands

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