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Insane Burger King fist fight caught live in IRL Twitch stream

Insane Burger King fist fight caught live in IRL Twitch stream
The streamer couldn’t believe his eyes (pic: Twitch/GFysik)

A Swedish Twitch streamer accidentally broadcast a wild fight between two men right in the middle of a Burger King.  

Livestreaming on Twitch can lead to some totally unexpected moments on camera, but things get even crazier for IRL streamers, who dare to venture into the great outdoors for epic content. 

Not long ago, a streamer got  a barrage of rubbish thrown in his direction, in front of hundreds of viewers, when he decided to call out a group of shameless litterers. 

And now, imagine this: an IRL streamer was peacefully enjoying a Whopper meal when out of nowhere a full-on brawl broke out in his local Burger King. 

The streamer in question, named GFysik, was sitting by himself chowing down on some fries, with the camera having a clear view of the busy restaurant behind him. 

Amidst the background noise, a group of men could be heard loudly calling out their friend’s name who was at the front, time and time again. 

Then out of nowhere, a visibly agitated man rose from his table and approached the rowdy group. We’re not exactly sure what was said, but the angry guy didn’t hold back, getting physical with one of the guys pretty quickly, and finishing it off with a solid slap across the face. 

While waiting for their food, the other customers were taken aback and stood there, watching the whole scuffle calm down.

Thankfully, another person jumped in, separating the angry man from the group, preventing things from getting worse. 

Instead of getting dragged into the mess and risking a face slap, GFysik simply kept munching on his food, even though he was sitting pretty close to the fight. 

After finishing his meal, many viewers warned GFysik about the potential ban that could arise from documenting the fight. 

Twitch’s guidelines explicitly state a zero tolerance policy towards violence, making it a serious violation. However, GFysik’s channel seems to be up and running for now. 

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